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Donquixote pirate crew was lead by Doflamingo who's originally is a celestial dragon. He formed this pirate crew and called it by his own family name and this pirate crew became his family. Donquixote Crew is ranked as offices with five top officers and the rest are below them. This pirate crew has been attacked by the Navi and tracked to be taken down until the captain of this pirate crew became part of the shickibukai system and the Navi stopped attacking this pirate crew. Once this pirate crew allied with the Navi, they plotted to take over Dressrosa and they have successfully took over for a decade until they has been brought down by the strawhats.

EditDonquixote Doflamingo

Donquixote Doflamingo

Doflamingo is from the noble Donquixote famliy, he is actually a celestial dragon who used to live along with his family in Marijos. When he was a little, his father decided to live a humble life with humans and they have descended from Marijos and started living a normal life. This transition was not acceptable for Doflamingo and he hated his father for making this choice. Also, when the people found out that this family used to live in Marijos, Doflamingo along with his brother, father and mother all has been persecuted and they had to run for their life. As a result, his mother died and he had a lot of anger built up towards his father.

One day Doflamingo met Trebol and he joined him. Trebol gave Doflamingo the Ito Ito devil fruit and a gun. Doflamingo ended up killing his father and started his life as a pirate. from that day on, he managed to become the captain of the Doflamingo pirate crew and he became known as the joker in the underworld as well.

Last known Bounty : 340,000,000



Trebol is one of the top officers of the Donquixote family. He is the one who gave Doflamingo his devil fruit. Trebol ate the Beta Beta devil fruit which gave him the ability to create mucus. He uses his ability to cover his entire body with mucus and he use it in his attacks as well. Trebol seems very close to Doflamingo and always calls him by his nickname "Doffy" and he get's very close to him. Trebol admires Doflamingo a lot and try his best to protect Doflamingo. Trebol has been brought down by Law during the fight between Luffy, Law against Doflamingo and himself.

Last Known bounty: 99,000,000



Sugar looks like a child, however, she is actually older than her look. She looks this way thanks to her devil fruit Hobi Hobi. This devil fruit gives her the ability to turn anyone she touches with her hand into a toy. Once the victim is turned into a toy, everyone else will lose all of their memories related to that victim even if that person used to be their father or mother, all memories regarding them will be lost. Her ability played a great role in taking over dressrosa by turning lots of people into toys. All of people who turned into a toy has been turned back thanks to Ussop who successfully managed to knock her unconscious.

There is no known bounty for Sugar and her existence was kept a secret even from Law who used to be part of the crew.



Giolla is one of the officers in Trebol army. She ate the Ato Ato Devil fruit. with the power of her devil fruit she could turn anything that she touches into art. She Turned the strawhat ship into Art during her fight against the strawhat until she was defeated by Brook. He tricked her into turning back his violin and cane back to normal so that he can play some violin when he in fact just wanted to get his sword back and he used it to cut her.



Violet is part of the Riku family. The royal family that has been dethroned when the Donquixote family came to Dressrosa. She was forced to work with the Donquixote family because of her devil fruit being useful for the Donquixote family. With her ability she is able to see through objects and also she has the ability to see a large distance in a bird's eye view. She refused to use her ability for the Donquixote family when the strawhat came to Dressrosa and she joined the strawhat side after she met with Sanji.



Diamante is one of the top officers of the Donquixote family. He wield the power of the Hira Hira devil fruit. With this devil fruit he can turn any object into paper and turn it back to it's normal state whenever he desire. During the fight in Dressrosa, he was defeated by Kyros.

Last known bounty: 99,000,000

EditLao G

Lao G

Lao G is part of Diamante Army. He is very old, but he is a very strong Haki user. He was able to fight against Don Chinjao who is considered a very strong fighter and a legendary pirate. He is one of the officers who does not have any devil fruit ability yet he is a very strong fighter and a master of Martial Arts.

Last known Bounty: 61,000,000

EditSenor Pink

Senor Pink

Senor Pink is one of the officers and he is part of Diamante Army. He ate the Sui Sui devil fruit which gave him the ability to swim through anything freely as if he is swimming in the sea. He got married to Russian and once had a baby called Gimlet. When he got married he hid the fact that he is a pirate. Once his wife found out she left and got into landslide which put her in a vegetative state. The only thing he could do to get a smile from her is to wear his son's clothes and come to the hospital to cheer her up. That was the only reason for him to put on this type of clothes and to have a pacifier in his mouth.

Last known bounty: 58,000,000



Machvise is one of the officers and he belongs to Diamante army. He has the power of the Ton Ton devil fruit. This fruit gives him the ability to increase his weight greatly which he employ in his attacks against his enemies by jumping high above the enemy then increasing the weight to fall at his enemy to cause them great damage.

Last known bounty: 11,000,000



Dellinger belongs to Diamante army and he is one of the officers of Donquixote family. He does not possess any devil fruit powers but he is half Fishman. He tried to kill Bellamy after the latter lost the match in Corida Colosseum. Dellinger has enhanced physical strength thanks to his fishman side.

Last known Bounty: 15,000,000



Pica is a top officer of the Donquixote family. He has a high voice and everyone starts laughing at him when they hear his voice. Whenever someone laugh at him the entire crew of the Donquixote family will be pissed off at that person and will result killing that person if possible. Pica has the power of Ishi Ishi devil fruit. This devil fruit gave him the power to turn into stone and control it as he desire. He was defeated by Zoro of the strawhat during the fight against the Donquixote family in Dressrosa.

Last known Bounty: 99,000,000



Gladius is one of the officers and he is part of Pica Army. He has the power of the Pop Pop devil fruit. This power allows him to rupture his own body, or any other object that he touches. when the rupture happen it looks more like an explosion that he employ in his attacks.

Last known bounty: 33,000,000



Buffalo is one of the crew members who joined the Donquixote family at a young age. He has the power of the Guru Guru Devil fruit. This fruit gives him the ability to spin any part of his body. He use this power to be able to fly or to strengthen his attacks. He is not very powerful compared to the other crew members.

EditBaby 5

Baby 5

Baby 5 was part of the Donquixote family since she was a child. it's unknown how she come to join the Donquixote family, however, after the battle in Dressrosa she left the crew. She has the power of the Buki Buki devil fruit which turns her into a weapon. she can turn any part of her body into different types of weapons that she would use during the fight. Baby 5 is very accommodating and she will even kill herself if someone requested her to do so.



Vergo also known as Demon Bambo. He is the only top officers of the Donquixote family who does not have a devil fruit ability. He climbed the ranks in the Navi until he became a Vice Admiral and he was also the head of G-5. All the Marines in G-5 had a great respect to him not knowing that he is actually a pirate and joined the Navi as a spy for the Donquixote family. Vergo was the first top officer of the Donquixote family to be brought down and he was defeated by Law.

EditDonquixote Rosinante

Donquixote Rosinante

Rosinante is the only brother to Doflamingo by blood. He saw his mother dies and his father being killed. Since young age he was working with the Navi as an informant on the Doflamingo crew. He was exposed when he left the crew to find a cure for Law, and ended up being killed by Doflamingo himself. Before he dies, he managed to find the ope ope devil fruit and fed it to Law.

Rosinante has the power of the Nagi Nagi devil fruit. His devil fruit gave him the ability to control the sound and to be able to completely mute any sound he wants to. An ability he used for his advantage during the time when he pretended that he can not speak for years.

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