There are multiple types of families you can create. The description of is as following
  1. Family: All real life families should fall under this category.
  2. Movie: If you want to add a family that is from a movie you should select this category
  3. T.V Show: You can create all the families from your favorite T.V show under this category.
  4. Anime: Maybe you want to create a family or organization from an Anime show you are watching. This is the suitable category for it.
  5. Company: You can create a tree for your employees in your company under this category
  6. Animal: This category is for creating the family tree of any famous animal
  7. Other: You still want to create a family but sadly it's not suitable under any of the categories above, then you can add it under this category
No Problem.
You can use "Other" if the family does not fall under the provided types.
Contact us and share the link of the family and what category it should fall under.
we will fix it for you.
Draft Mode

The family is created but it's not public yet and only users with the link can view the family

Release Mode

The family become public and anyone can find this family and view it.

You have two options to release the family.
1. From the Create/Edit page

At the bottom of the page you will have two buttons - You can either save the family in Draft Mode or you can save and Release at the same time if you decide it's time to release the family.

2. From your profile page

Families still in Draft mode will have an extra control to Release the familie

This is not possible. Once you release the family you can not go back to draft mode.
Of-course, There are more types we plan to add in the future. Please suggest any type you want us to add as well.
Yes you can add HTML, However, some tags are escaped such as input, button, etc...
Javascript and Style sheets are not allowed as well.

for styling you can still use bootstrap classes if you want
Please select "Other" for this type of family and you can create any family or a tree structure you want to create.
You can create any type of tree whether it's a family or not. As long as it can be in a tree structure you can create it under the appropriate type.
You can use the following tags
address article aside footer header
h1 h2 h3 h4 h5
h6 hgroup main nav section
blockquote dd div dl dt
figcaption figure hr li main
ol p pre ul a
abbr b bdi bdo br
cite code data dfn em
i kbd mark q rb
rp rt rtc ruby s
samp small span strong sub
sup time u var wbr
caption col colgroup table tbody
td tfoot th thead tr
Sure you can create your Family tree to keep a record of your family for the next generation and so on.


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Please contact us and let us know how we can fix this for you.
We want to hear from you. Please contact us and share your thoughts and ideas. it will be highly appreciated.
There are two ways for the points to increase.
  1. When you create a family you will get points
  2. When users visit any family that you have created your points increase


There are multiple ways to support Genotrees.com
  1. Create new families in the website
  2. Share the families you like with your friends and relatives on social media
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Maybe we will consider this option for support in the future.
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