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The Crew

Straw hat pirate group came from the east blue, their captain is Monkey D. Luffy. The first member to join him in his journey is Roronoa Zoro the pirate hunter. Shortly after Zoro, Nami has joined the crew as their navigator with the hidden intentions of stealing from them. She wasn't interested in joining a pirate crew due to her hatred towards pirates. Next to join the crew was the Usopp who was the son of a pirate that Luffy has met when he was a child. In their journey they have reached a sea restaurant, they met Sanji there who eventually became the cook of the straw hat Pirates. At this point, Nami's intentions has been revealed when she stole their ship with everything they have. The crew followed her to Conomi Island where she headed. She officially joined the crew as their navigator once Luffy has beaten Arlong.

They have reached the Grand line with this pirate group of five members only. Afterwards, they have met Vivi who was infiltrating another pirate group for the sake of her country. Once her story is revealed to the crew, they have decided to help her and she joined the straw hats. In their journey to Vivi's country Alabasta, Nami got sick and they had to make a detour to find a doctor. That was when Toni Toni Chopper got to join them. eventually they have reached Alabasta and helped Vivi to take back her country from Crocodile, the pirate who was trying to take over Alabasta. Vivi had a choice to stay with the straw hats or stay at Alabasta, she decided to stay. One of Crocodile subordinates was Nico Robin who ended up joining the straw hats as well.

During their voyage, their ship Going Merry took too much damage and it wasn't able to complete the journey with the crew. They had 300 Million in their possession and was willing to pay as much as it takes to fix the ship; However, it was beyond repair and the ship had to be replaced with a new one. Frankly the shipwright always wanted to build a ship using Adam wood, but he didn't have the money for it which made him steal the money from the straw hat to buy the wood then he built the new ship that replaced Going Merry and he joined the straw hat pirates. The straw hat pirates reached a mysterious area called Florian Triangle where they have met Brook who has lost his shadow. After they successfully returned the stolen shadow of Brook and for everyone else, brook joined the straw hat pirates. The pirate group went through a lot and each of them has started their own training for two years, and then they finally ascended to the fish man island. Luffy had saved the fish man island from Hody Jones who was going to kill King Neptune. Once the fight is over, Luffy asked Jimbei to join the crew. At that time Jimbei had some unfinished business, but in heart he wanted to join the crew. eventually he joined the straw hats as the 9th active member.


In their journey they had multiple ships. Their two main ships were Going Merry and The Thousand Sunny.

  • Going Merry: This ship was given as a gift to the straw hats pirates by Kaya the wealthy young lady of Syrup village. When Luffy and the others protected the village and saved her life. Straw hats had a fight against Black Cat Pirates and Luffy managed to take down their captain Kuro. This ship went through a lot during the voyage of the straw hats. She was happy to carry the crew and go into adventure with them, until one day she was damaged so much to the point of being irreparable. Having this ship as a gift from Kaya, Usopp was very attached to this ship and didn't want to accept the fact that it's the end of Merry. Usopp went as far as to leave the straw hats and challenge their Captain Luffy over the ship, but lost the match and Luffy decided to give him the ship . Merry was not over yet, as there was one more voyage left for it and it was when she showed up at Enies Lobby to carry the crew for one more time and saved them from buster call. Once they reached to a safe location, the ship wasn't able to keep going anymore, and it had her funeral in the sea being burned by Luffy.
  • Thousand Sunny: There were one ship known to be made from Adam wood before Thousand Sunny, and that ship was the king of the pirates Gol D. Roger's ship. Franky designed the ship but at the time he didn't have the money to buy Adam wood for it. When straw hats arrived at Water 7 he stole their money and bought enough Adam wood to build this ship with. It costs him 200 million to buy the wood. Afterwards this ship has been built by the best shipwright at Water 7: Franky, Iceberg, and the remaining Galley-La foremen.
EditMonkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy is the son of Monkey D. Dragon and he was raised in Foosha Village. Originally his grandfather Monkey D. Garb the vice admiral and the hero of the Marine wanted Luffy to become a strong Marine soldier; However, when Luffy was 6 years old he met the Red Hair Pirates and their captain Shanks. He was motivated by them to become a pirate and have his adventures in the sea just like them. Accidentally he got his hands on the devil fruit owned by the Red Hair pirates and he ate it. As a result his body became rubber and lost the ability to swim.

One day he was kidnapped by mountain bandit Higuma. Higuma tried to throw Luffy into the sea when suddenly a sea monster appeared and ate Higuma right after he threw Luffy into the sea. The sea monster was about to eat Luffy as well but Shanks showed up and saved Luffy at the last moment with the cost of losing his left arm to the sea monster.

After this incident and after the departure of Red Hair Pirates, Garb has taken Luffy to live with the mountain bandits. There he met Ace and afterwards he met Sabo as well. The three of them became sworn brothers aiming to be pirates. By the age of 17 Luffy finally sailed out to see to become a pirate and has his own pirate crew.


His Dream is to gather a crew good enough to sail the sea and to find the greatest treasure One piece once owned by the late king of the pirates Gol D. Roger which will make him the next King of the pirates. Originally he wanted to have 10 members in his pirate crew and his goal to be the king of the pirates is because he will have the freedom he desire.


Luffy bounty has went through many changes over the course of their journey:

  • 30 Million: This is the first bounty has been placed on Luffy's head and it was as a result of defeating Arlong who has a bounty of 20 Million.
  • 100 Million: When Luffy got to Alabasta and have successfully defeated Crocodile whos bounty was 81 Million, The bounty of Luffy's head have been raised to this amount yet the government tried to cover up his involvement in the defeat of Crocodile.
  • 300 Million: The hike of 200 Million on his head was the result of their attack on Enise Lobby and declaring war against the world government. He did all of this to rescue their crew member Robin and to ensure her that she will be safe with them and she can freely speak about her desire to live.
  • 400 Million: After his attack on the prison Impel Down and his involvement in the war of the best, the world government have raised his bounty to 400 Million and he has been the rookie with the most bounty on his head.
  • 500 Million:After they have reached the new world and allied with Law the captain of the Heart pirates, together attacked Dress Rosa to take down Donquixote Doflamingo. as a result of taking him down, his bounty has been increased by 100 Million.
  • 1.5 Billion: This is the latest bounty on Luffy's head which put him among the great pirates. He received this bounty on his head when he defeated Katakori who is #1 of the Big Mom Pirates and attempted to kill Big Mom. Also the news spread about his grand fleet formed at Dress Rosa with 7 pirate crews and total subordinate of 5640 members. This made the world government see Luffy as a great threat. Luffy at first thought his bounty has been reduced to 150 Million then he was shocked and happy that it is 1.5 Billion.
EditRoronoa Zoro

Roronoa Zoro

Zoro came to the dojo in Shimotsuki Village claiming he is a "Doujouyaburi" ( A person who challenge a dojo and defeats all of it's members). Zoro also claimed at that time, He has defeated everyone from the nearby villages, then he made a deal with the dojo's Master Koushirou that if he win he will take the signboard and if he lose then he will join this dojo.

Koushirou didn't fight against Zoro by himself, instead he called for his daughter Kuina to fight against Zoro. In response to Zoro's disappointment that he won't fight against the dojo's Master, Koushirou assured him that Kuina is very strong her self and stronger than the adults in the dojo. Zoro picked a lot of the bamboo swords in both hands and in his mouth, but he was easily defeated by Kuina. During the fight he admitted that this day was the first day he had held a bamboo sword. After his defeat he swore a promise to her that he will train and one day he will defeat her.

He kept training every day to achieve his goal. In one year, his skills and strength increased tremendously since their first duel and he became the strongest among male students and even able to win against adults, yet he still lost to Kuina 2000 times without a single win. In the night of his 2000th defeat, Zoro challenged Kuina again but this time with real swords and stating this would be their last duel. After a long fight with real sword, Kuina won again.

Zoro cried and said he doesn't accept this at which Kuina told him she is the one who can not accept this, because she also share the same dream as Zoro to become the strongest swordsman; However, her father told her being a girl she will never be able to achieve that goal. Zoro was pissed when he heard that and told her to make a promise that either one of them will become the world's greatest swordsman. They made that promise to each others on that night.

The next day Zoro decided that two swords are not enough and he will use three swords. While he was training the other dojo students came to him carrying the sad news of Kuina's death. After her death he asked Koushirou to have Kuina's sword Wado Ichimonji. Koushirou agreed and entrusted Zoro with Kuina's sword and dreams. Eight years later, Zoro started his journey to become the strongest swordsman in the world with his own three swords style. Using a sword in each hand and holding Wado Ichimonji in his mouth.

Joining the Straw hat

Before joining the straw hats, Zoro was known as a Pirate hunter. It wasn't his goal to become a pirate hunter but it was a source of income for him to buy food and fix his swords. At Shells Town, Zoro saved a girl called Rika from the Helmeppo's pet wolf . Helmeppo is the son of Marine Captain Axe-Hand Morgan and he tried to attack Zoro but easily got defeated by Zoro. Helmeppo threaten that his father would kill Rika and her mother, so instead of that he made a deal with Zoro that if he accepted to be tied up to a post for a month no one would get hurt which Zoro agreed to.

On the ninth day of Zoro's restraint, Luffy arrived and asked Zoro to join his crew and got rejected. Afterwards Luffy learned that Helmeppo doesn't plan to keep his promise and instead he plans to kill Zoro. Luffy came back to Zoro and said "If you want your Katana back you will have to be my nakama" then he went to bring Zoro's swords from the Navy base. He came back just in the neck of time to save Zoro from being executed. Luffy offered Zoro to join again at which Zoro agreed as he preferred to be a pirate than die here. Luffy gave Zoro the swords and they both fought the Navi and won the battle against Axe-hand Morgan.


Zoro has a dream to find and defeat Hawk eyes Mihawk whose number one swordsman in the world. He aims to take his place as the strongest swordsman in the world.


  • 60 Million: This was the first bounty has been placed on Zoro's head. It was after his participation in the attack against Crocodile's organization known as Baroque Works. Zoro defeated Daz Bones who was Mr.1 of the Baroque Works and has the ability to turn his body to steel. During the fight Zoro learned how to cut steel and have been able to win the fight. It was awhile before he realized that he has a bounty of 60 Million on his head. He was quite pleased with that bounty.
  • 120 Million: After the fight in Enies Lobby when he has taken down Kaku and successfully came out of the buster call with the rest of the crew safe they received the news of the new bounties on the entire crew.
  • 320 Million: After his involvement in the take down of Donquixote Doflamingo family and taking down one of the top executives of the family Pika, his bounty has been increased by 200 Million.
EditCat Burglar Nami

Cat Burglar Nami

There was a war at Oykot Kingdom where the Navi were involved in a war against pirastes. Once the battle subsided, one of the Navi soldiers called Bellemere was heavily injured during that war and she was about to give up when she heard the sound of a crying baby. She opened her eyes and saw a little girl called Nojiko carrying a baby girl in her hands with orange hair. Nojiko wasn't related to Nami nor she knew her before, she just found her. Bellemere decided to take both of them and raise them as her daughters in Cocoyasi Village.

Nami as a child she had interest in drawing maps and sea charts. She also got interested in navigation, but she never been able to buy the navigation books she wanted because Bellemere was poor, so Nami ended up stealing the books from the village's bookshops. When Nami got caught stealing, she got scolded by Bellemere, yet she commended Nami for her first drawing of the island. Also, because Bellemere didn't have enough money to buy new clothes for Nami and Nojiko being older than Nami by two years, Bellemere would always give Nojiko's old clothes to Nami.

One day Nami got into an argument with Nojiko about having Nojiko's old clothes passed on to her. Nami ended up saying they are not even real sisters and not related by blood. This triggered Bellemere and caused her to slap Nami for saying that and scolding her about it. Nami replied that she wish a richer family had adopted her. That's when Bellemere told her if she doesn't like it in this house she can leave, and that's exactly what Nami did.

Bellemere regretted her actions and asked Nojiko to go and bring Nami back, while she prepares Nami's favorite meal for dinner. Nokiko has found Nami and told her about what Bellemere said. Both were happy going back to Bellemere's house on the outskirt of the village. This is when Arlong pirates has arrived, a pirates crew of fishmen from the grand line. The mayor of the village Gen told both Nami and Nojiko to hide as it's dangerous for them. Arlong came into the village stating that they have to buy their lives from him each month from now on, and whoever can't pay, will die. They have collected the money, and as they were leaving they noticed Bellemere's house because of the smokes coming out while she was cooking, and the pirates went after that house to collect their money as well.

Both Nami and Nojiko rushed back to Bellemere's house, however, The doctor of the village has stopped them just before they arrive to the house. He explained to them that because they are not officially recorded as her children, she wouldn't have to pay for their lives, and she barely had enough to pay for herself; However, after Arlong crew took the money she told them it's for her two daughters and she doesn't have enough for herself. Arlong killed Bellemere in front of her daughters, and ended up taking Nami after they have seen her skills at drawing maps. Eventually forcing Nami to join his crew.

Joining the Straw hat

At first Nami joined as the navigator of straw hats but only to steal from them. At the sea restaurant she took the ship and went back to her village because when she was a child Nami was forced to be part of the Arlong pirate crew. She had a deal with Arlong to buy her village for 100 Million. She has been stealing from pirates and saving the money to achieve that goal. When Luffy and the other found out about her story and how much she suffered in order to protect the people of her village they decided to help her. Luffy and the others went to Arlong Park and fought against Arlong pirate crew. Once Luffy defeated Arlong he shouted out loud: NAMI, YOU ARE MY NAKAMA. Nami nodded saying yeah with tears in her eyes and officially joined the straw hats as their navigator.


Since young age she has been good at drawing maps. Her dream is to draw a full map of the world.


  • 16 Million: The first bounty on her head is after Enise Lobby. The world government placed 16 million on her head. She was quite scared for having a bounty on her head.
  • 66 Million: Nami's bounty increased by 50 million after the battle in dressrosa and the fall of Donquixote Doflamingo family.


Usopp's father Yasopp is a pirate and officer of the Red Hair pirate crew. Yasopp has left his wife and son in Syrup village and sailed out to become a pirate. Usopp as a child he used to run through the village shouting about pirates coming. He started to do this when his mother was sick and he was trying to encourage her and give her strength to stay alive. Because of this act, he was known to be a liar and no one of the village has believed him.

Lying wasn't limited about pirates coming to the island. He also used to sneak into the mansion to talk to Kaya and make up stories to cheer her up, because she was sick and unable to leave her bed.

Joining the Straw hat

Kaya was a rich lady who lives in the mansion at Syrup village. Kuro was taking the role of her carer but in fact he was the captain of Black Cat Pirates who planned to attack Syrup village and kill Kaya in the process. Kuro planned to take all of her money and quit being a pirate; However Usopp has overheard their plan when Kuro secretly met with his crew member Danjo. The strawhat pirates led by Luffy happen to be in the village and decided to help him.

Strawhat pirate crew at that time was consisting of Luffy, Zoro, and Nami. They have set a trap for Kuro's crew, but it was at the wrong location. Nami and Usopp were the first to reach the correct location and fought against Kuro's crew. Later on Luffy and Zoro also joined the fight. They have successfully stopped the crew from attacking the village. Once Kuro arrived, he fought against Luffy and was defeated. After this event Usopp was determined to sail out into the sea and that's when he was invited to join the strawhats.


Usopp dreams of becoming a brave worrier of the sea.


  • 30 Million: His initial bounty started at 30 Million but the wanted poster has the name Sogeking (King of the snipers), because in their raid on Enise Lobby he wore a Mask and called himself Sogeking. He wasn't part of the crew at that time and came up with this mask to join them in their fight without Luffy knowing that it was him.
  • 200 Million: Usopp got quite a boost in his bounty after the battle in dressrosa against Donquixote Doflamingo family. He got a bounty by Doflamingo of 500 million on his head and he was known as God Usopp.
EditSanji Vinsmoke

Sanji Vinsmoke

Sanji is originally from North blue from the royal family Vinsmoke. His father Judge Vinsmoke is a genius scientist who tried to modify all of his children genetecally to become superhuman. Judge's wife Sora was against this and tried to have normal children. She has taken a drug to make sure she will have normal children, but her attempt was successful only for Sanji, not for the rest of her children.

Sanji being different than the rest of his siblings, he was bullied by them and he was the disappointment of his father Judge. He was even jailed and he was abused all the time. Sanji started to get into cooking which resulted in more bullying as well. Eventually he ran away with the help of his sister Reiju.

After leaving Vinsmoke family, he became a cook in one of the ships. By the age of 10 a pirate ship led by red leg Zeff attacked the ship where Sanji works as a cook. The two ships sank due to the heavy storm and Sanji was going to drown. Zeff decided to save Sanji because both of them shared the same dream of finding All Blue. Sanji was saved by Zeff who sacrificed his foot in order to save Sanji, and both of them ended up on a small cliff stranded in the middle of the sea.

Zeff gave all the food to Sanji without even telling him, and he survived by eating his own foot. Sanji saw the huge sack and thought it's filled with food. When Sanji ran out of food, he tried to kill Zeff to get his share from that sack as well. Sanji slashed the sack and found out that Zeff was having only treasure in that sack and he gave him all the food they had. They have decided if they get rescued they would make a restaurant and both of them decided to feed anyone who is starving. Soon after, they saw a ship and both got rescued. Together they started the sea resturant Baratie.

Joining the Straw hat

One day on Baratie a starving pirate came named Gin demanding food while being unable to pay. He was kicked out by other chefs on the restaurant. Sanji on the other hand, went back to kitchen and prepared a meal for him. Luffy happen to be there and witnessed the entire incident.

After few days, The pirate Don Krieg who is the captain of Gin has arrived to the restaurant starving as well and demanding food. All the chefs refused to give him food, saying he will attack us the moment he gain his strength back. Sanji again prepare him food and served it to Don Krieg. What the other chefs predicted is exactly what happened and Don Krieg demanded food for his entire crew as well. The other chefs stopped Sanji when he attempted to prepare the food for them, but this time Zeff himself gave the food to Don Krieg.

Don Krieg came back and attacked the restaurant in order to take it by force. Luffy stepped in and faced Don Krieg. Regardless of all the weapons Don Krieg have, Luffy successfully defeated him and broke the armor that Don Krieg is so proud of. Upon defeating Don Krieg, Luffy was leaving Baratie and that was the time Sanji accepted the offer given to him by Luffy before to join the crew and Sanji became the cook of the strawhats pirates.


Sanji dreams of finding All blue. This legendary sea is the only place that all other seas(north, east, west, south) meet at. All blue has fishes from all of the seas, which makes it alluring for all the cooks around the world.


  • 77 Million: After the battle at Enise lobby, Sanji received his first bounty on his head of 77 Million. He was quite shocked when he saw his picture on the wanted poster. His nickname on his wanted poster was Black Leg Sanji.
  • 177 Million: Sanji got a 100 Million raise in his bounty and this time with a real picture of himself; However, his poster stated "Only Alive". This was due to his father Judge wanting to find him.
  • 330 Million: After the attack on Big Mom Pirates, Sanji had 330 Million on his head, he was very happy to beat Zoro's bounty of 320 Million. His happiness turned into disappointed to have the bounty only because of his family's "Vinsmoke" reputation. This time in his wanted poster it stated dead or alive and also written his full name: Sanji Vinsmoke.
EditNefertari Vivi

Nefertari Vivi

Vivi is the princess of Alabasta kingdom. She successfully infiltrated an organization called Baroque Works. Her code name in the organization was Miss Wednesday. Vivi infiltrated Baroque Works in an attempt to find find who is behind that organization.

Joining the Straw hat

After her cover in the Baroque Works has been revealed and the organization tried to killed her, she teamed up with the straw hats and became part of their crew. However she didn't stay as a member of the straw hats. After the battle at Alabasta kingdom and the fall down of Crocodile by the hands of Luffy, She decided to stay at her country.

Luffy and the others waited for her to come aboard the ship, but she came just to say goodbye. She also wanted to ask if they can be friends if they ever met again. Luffy wasn't able to respond as the Navi were listening to them and if he does response then Vivi will be related to the pirates. They were going to leave in silence while Vivi is crying waiting for the response. Eventually Luffy remembered that they have a mark to identify each others as friend. All the Members of the straw hat left their arm showing this mark as the response to her question.


Vivi never received any bounty on her head.

EditToni Toni Chopper

Toni Toni Chopper

Chopper is a reindeer who was rejected by the entire reindeer pack. He was bullied because of his blue nose which is different from the rest. One day he ate Hito Hito no mi (human devil fruit). This devil fruit gave him the ability to transform his body to different forms. One of these forms is to be human.

Chopper transformed to a human and tried to go to one of the villages and live with other humans. The moment people of Drum island saw him they called him a monster and chased him back into the forest. He was badly injured because of their attempt to kill him, but he managed to survive and ran away from them. This was when he met Hiriluk the doctor who wanted to treat him, but he was very scared of human. Chopper beat Dr. Hiriluk When he saw what he thought a gun in his case, out of fear and self defense, thinking that Dr. Hiriluk would try to kill him as well. Dr. Hiriluk instead, removed all of his clothes and stood their in the snow to prove to Chopper that he does not want to harm him in anyway and have no ill intentions. Eventually Chopper has been treated by Dr. Hiriluk and he started living with the doctor.

One day, Dr. Hiriluk got ill and Chopper was trying to save him. In one of the book he was reading, he saw a plant that had a pirate symbol written on it. Chopper was convinced by Dr. Hiriluk that being a pirate is good and Dr. Hiriluk himself has a pirate flag. Chopper thought that this plant would save the doctor. Chopper risked his own life in the process of obtaining that plant. Chopper then prepared stew for Dr. Hiriluk who knew that it's a poison. Nevertheless he drank it and then sacrificed his life for the country against the injustice of the king of Drum island Wapol. Before his death he stated that when you drink poison you don't die, instead when people forget you, that's when you die.

Chopper then went for Dr. Kureha a friend of Dr. Hiriluk and asked her for guidance. He started learning to become a Doctor himself. Under the guidance of Dr. Kureha, Chopper became an exceptional doctor.

Joining the Straw hat

Dr. Kureha and Chopper started living in the castle that has been abandoned by Wapol the king of the Drum Island. Luffy came to this castle bringing Nami who got fever, and Sanji who got injured while trying to help Luffy to take Nami to the only doctor available on the Drum Island Dr. Kureha. Finally they have arrived and all of them have been treated by Dr. Kureha and Chopper.

When Nami woke up and saw Chopper, she asked him to join the crew, because their crew lacked a doctor. Chopper always wanted to be a pirate but he didn't make up his mind to join a pirate group yet. Later on Wapol has came back to the castle. There was a fight between Luffy, Sanji, Chopper against Wapol and his subordinates which resulted in the defeat of Wapol and his crew.

Chopper was motivated by Luffy, when Wapol tried to shoot Dr. Hiriluk flag from the top of the castle. Luffy held the flag to keep the flag in it's place and took a direct hit from the canon ball shot at him by Wapol. Once the battle ended and Luffy has asked Chopper to join, Chopper hesitated a little bit. Luffy didn't really care about his hesitation and said: Oh just shut up and come with us already.


Chopper is a doctor with the dream of being able to cure any disease.


  • 50 Beli : Chopper was very discouraged when he found out that his bounty is 50 Beli only. He got this bounty on his head after the attack by the straw hats on Enise Lobby. Chopper is being mistaken for the crew's pet and not a member of the straw hat pirates.
  • 100 Beli :Still being mistaken as the crew's pet, his bounty raised only by 50 extra Beli after the take down of Donquixote Doflamingo family in dressrosa.
EditNico Robin

Nico Robin

Robin is from Ohara. She used to be bullied as a child because of her Devil fruit. The other kids and their parents were afraid of her. Robin didn't know her mother, as she was left when she was 2 years old. Her mother was trying to find out more about the void century which has been forbidden by the world government.

Robin's only friends were scholars at "The Tree of Knowledge". She was also invited by Professor Clover to read the books from the Tree of Knowledge. At the age of 8 years she passed archaeology and officially became a scholar. Even-though she wasn't part of the team deciphering the Poneglyphs nor she was taught by the other scholars, she has learnt to read it on her own.

Ohara scholars has been studying Poneglyphs secretly which was a crime according to the world government.Robin's mother Nico Olvia who left Ohara to study Poneglyphs came back to warn them that the Navi has found out and they are coming to Ohara to kill them. When the Navi arrived they have arrested all the scholars except for Robin as they weren't aware of her being a scholar at this young age.

Robin didn't agree to leave, specially that she just saw her mother that left since Robin was 2 years old; However, Robin admitted in front the Navi that she knows how to read the Poneglyphs as well which put her life in danger along with the other scholars. She was able to survive by the help of the vice admiral Aokiji who became later a Navi admiral.

After leaving Ohara, the world government put a high bounty on Robin's head when she was only 8 years old. For 20 years, she was on the run until finally she became part of Crocodile organization and eventually joined the straw hats.

Joining the Straw hat

Robin's code name was "Miss All Sunday" in Crocodile organization. She joined this organization to be able to read the Poneglyphs of Alabasta kingdom and hoping she will learn more of the history or will get some clues. She was able to find it but was disappointed to see it's talking about a weapon. After that, Crocodile tried to kill her but instead he has been taken down by Luffy. She gave up on life and wanted to die; However Luffy didn't agree to that and he saved her against her own desire. Afterwards, she snuck into Luffy's ship and said because he forced her to live he should accept her in his crew.

Later on, when they reached Water 7, CP9 showed up and took Robin to Enise Lobby. Luffy and his crew, accompanied by Franky's subordinates followed her. Luffy declared war against the world government for Robin and told her to speak up her desire without fear. Robin said: I WANT TO LIVE! TAKE ME OUT TO THE SEA WITH YOU! This is when Robin officially become part of the straw hats.


Nico Robin is an archeologist and has the dream of learning the full history. In specific she want to learn the history of the void century which has been written on indestructible stones known as Poneglyphs with old language.


  • 79 Million: When Robin was 8 she got her first bounty and she was known as demon child. This high bounty on a child was because of the danger she impose on the world government being the only survivor of Ohara that has the ability to read the language used on poneglyphs.
  • 80 Million: After Enise Lobby she didn't get a good hike in her bounty, her bounty only increased by 1 million.
  • 130 Million: She received a 50 million increase in her bounty after the battle in


Franky is from the south blue and the son of a pirate. He was abandoned and thrown off the ship by his father for being a nuisance. and got saved by Tom the legendary shipwright who made Gol D. Roger's ship Oro Jackson. Franky joined the Tom Workers and became the apprentice of Tom who had another apprentice called Iceburg as well. Franky is a nickname given to him by Iceburg who thought the name Cutty Flam is weird.

Tom went in trial and sentenced to death for making the ship for Gol D.Roger which is considered a great crime; However his sentence has been postponed for 10 years for him to be able to build the sea train that would save water 7. Tom has kept his word and connected 4 islands with the sea train. Three days before the trial, Spandam came to Tom asking about the blueprints of the ancient weapon Pluton that has been entrusted to Tom. Spandam wasn't able to get the blueprints and when the trial day came, he used Franky's ships to attack the judicial ship that came for Tom's trial.

Being unable to prove that Spandam was behind this attack, Tom admitted attacking the judicial ship. Since the judge was planning to erase one crime because Tom has made the sea train, Tom asked the judge to erase the crime of attacking the judicial ship in order to save his two pupils Iceburg and Franky. The judge agreed to this request and dismissed the crime for attacking the judicial ship and Tom was sentenced to death for the construction of the Oro Jackson, the ship of the pirates king.

Tom has been taken by the sea train to Enise lobby, in the way to the judicial Island one of the CP5 spotted Franky on the tracks of the train with a weapon. Spandam gave the ordres to run him down with the train, as a result Franky got heavily injured and assumed dead afterwards; However, he managed to survive after turning himself into a cyborg and later on he came back to Water 7.

Joining the Straw hat

Franky stole the money from the straw hats and bought Adam wood to build the ship he designed. Before he start building the ship he got involved in the battle along with straw hats in Enise lobby. After the battle in Enise Lobby, Franky along with other employees at Galley-La Company built the ship Thousand Sunny which became the straw hats new ship.

Unlike other members of the Franky house, He was the only one who had a bounty on his head and became a criminal wanted by the world government, as a result of having a bounty, other members of the Franky house asked Luffy to take Franky on his crew. Luffy has invited Franky to join the crew and Franky decided to become the crew's shipwright.


Franky dreams to become like Tom and build his own dream ship that will sail across the sea and ride the waves in distant sea with a DON!


  • 44 Million: After the attack on Enise Lobby, Franky was the only one from the Franky family to get a bounty on his head and it was 44 million.
  • 94 Million: After the take down of Donquixote Doflamingo family his bounty has been raised by 50 million. During the fight he took down Senor Pink. Franky was very disappointed to still have a bounty less than 100 million.
EditSoul King Brook

Soul King Brook

Before his Death, Brook has been part of the Rumbar Pirates crew under their captain Yorki. Laboon the whale was following this pirate crew from the west blue all the way until they have reached the Reverse Mountain. The path ahead of them was dangerous, therefore they have decided to leave Laboon at the entrance to the grand line with a doctor there called Crocus.

The crew of Rumbar Pirates promised Laboon that once they complete their adventure in the grand line, they would come back for him. Unfortunately all of the crew died during that journey. Brook who ate the Yomi Yomi no Mi (Revive devil fruit) came back to life again and was entrusted by the rest of his crew to go back to Laboon once he come back to life.

Brook's soul been wondering for few years before he finally was able to find his body. By that time, his body has been reduced to just a skeleton. When he came back to life and found his body, his goal was to get back to Laboon and fulfill their promise to him.

Joining the Straw hat

Straw hats crew reached the Florian Triangle and they have came across a ghost ship they decided to explore. When they got into the ship they met Brook and Luffy invited him to join his crew. At first Brook agreed but once he told them his story and how he has lost his shadow he apologized that he can't join the crew because he didn't want to burden them with his problems; However, Luffy promised him to get his shadow back for him.

Afterwards, they have reached Thriller Park which belongs to the pirate Gecko Moria's, the warlord who stole Brook's shadow. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji also lost their shadows to Gecko Moria and was determined to get their shadows along with Brook's shadow back.

There has been a battle between the straw hats and Moria's crew that resulted in the defeat of Moria and the release of all the shadows he has taken with the help of his power. Once Brook obtained his shadow back, and during the party they had upon successfully defeating Moria, Brook asked Luffy to join his crew and Luffy immediately accepted.


Brook is a friend of Laboon, a whale that followed his previous pirate group but stayed back at the reverse mountain with the promise they would come back for him. Brook's dream is to go back to Laboon and fulfill that promise.


  • 33 Million: Brook used to be part of another pirate group before he died. While he was part of that pirate group he obtained this bounty on his head of 33 Million.
  • 83 Million: The increase of 50 million on his head came after the take down of Donquixote Doflamingo family. Brook took down one of Trebol army officers called Giolla.


Jinbe is an orphan from the fish men island who was raised alongside Arlong, Macro, and Fisher Tiger. Since young age he was able to obtain the black belt in Fish-Man Karate from Fish-Man Karate Dojo at which he trained. He became a soldier in Neptune army before he resign and join the Sun pirates under his captain Fisher Tiger.

After the death of his captain he took over and became the captain of the Sun Pirates. His bounty raised to 250 Million during that time and he received an invitation from the Navi to join the seven warlords. During that time Arlong was captured by the Navi. Upon Jinbe's acceptance of the invitation, Arlong has been released by the Navi; However, both Jinbe and Arlong had different point of view and wasn't able to agree with each other. This disagreement led to a fight between the two, that fight ended up with Arlong being beaten by Jinbe and then they both went their separate ways.

Joining the Straw hat

After the time skip of two years, the straw hats finally got to the fish men island. When they arrived they have thwarted the plot of Hody Jones to kill king Neptune and take over the fish men island. Luffy successfully defeated Hody Jones and saved the fish men island. He also saved the fish men island from the ship Noah falling upon it. He tried to destroy the entire ship until the sea kings showed up and pulled the ship away. Luffy lost a lot of blood and required a blood transfer; However, there has been a rule in the fish men island to never give blood to human. Jinbe happen to have the same blood type and he volunteered for the blood transfer. Once the blood transfer started by Chopper and Luffy gained consciousness again he invited Jinbe to join his crew.

At the time, Jinbe had many things to do before he can join the straw hats, so he postponed joining the straw hats until he complete his responsibilities towards the fish men island. Jinbe later on joined the Big Mom Pirates for awhile until Luffy has arrived to the Whole Cake Island of the Big Mom pirates and fought against Big Mom. It was then, Jinbe had declared to Big Mom that he is leaving her crew and he officially joined the straw hats.


  • 76 Million: Jinbe had this bounty on his head while he was still a member of the Sun Pirates under his captain Fisher Tiger.
  • 250 Million: After the death of Fisher Tiger, Jinbe became the captain of the sun pirates and eventually got his bounty raised to 250 Million.
  • 438 Million: After the time skip of two years, Jinbe bounty has been raised to 438, probably due to his involvement with Big Mom Pirates before he eventually left their crew to join the straw hats.

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