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The Phantom Troupe or sometimes referred to as the Troupe or the Spider. All the Members of the Troupe has a spider tattoo with twelve legs having their number written inside it. The head of the spider is the leader Chrollo, while the other members are the legs of the spider. Ideally the member count is 13 including the head. It's still not confirmed if Phinks and Shalnark where part of the founding members of the Troupe or not, although Pakunoda referred at them as founding members when she shot her Memory Bomb. From Pakunoda's flashback of when the Troupe was formed back in Meteor City by Chrollo as the leader of the spider there were six members:

Meteor City

The existence of This city is known by few people. As for people who live there, they don't exist in any official record. Meteor City is the origin of most of the Phantom Troupe members. Having no official records, they simply don't exist and it was impossible to find information about the Troupe. It's worth mentioning that Kikyo Zoldyck (the wife of Silva) is from Meteor City as well as many of the butler hired by the Zoldyck family originally came from Meteor City.

Troupe Rules

The rules for the Troupe are meant to ensure the continuity of the Spider and that the Troupe will not be dependent on any of it's members nor the leader. All the members are replaceable including the leader, all could be changed as long as it means the Spider will continue in existing. The rules are as following.

  1. The Survival of the Troupe is more important than any member, including the leader.
  2. The Spider is consisting of the head (The leader) and the legs (The members) where all the members are in the same rank and equal when it comes to making decisions.
  3. The leader's orders are of highest priority.
  4. The members can nominate new people to join; however, only the leader has the right to add new member to the troupe.
  5. Fighting among Troupe members is prohibited.
  6. Any conflict among Troupe members is resolved by flipping a coin.
  7. Skipping a mandatory meeting for the Troupe results in punishment for the absent member.
  8. To join the Troupe you should either defeat existing member in the group or the leader has to give the approval for the new member to join.

Chimera Ant

During the Chimera ant Arc, Zazan (one of the squadron leaders) got into Meteor City and started transforming it's people into ants to build her army to become the queen. Many of the Phantom Troupe member came back to Meteor City to rescue it from Zazan and her subordinates. At the time they didn't have a leader because Chorollo was unable to use Nen and wasn't allowed to contact the Troupe members, So they have decided whoever kills the queen will become the interim leader until they resolve the issue for their leader. The queen was taken down by Feitan eventually and he became the interim leader.

EditChrollo Lucilfer

Chrollo Lucilfer

Chrollo is the leader and the founder of the Phantom Troupe. He is the head of the spider and considered to be #0. He formed the Troupe at his origin Meteor City. It's not clear if all the rules of the Troupe has been decided upon by Chrollo at the time of forming the Troupe or more rules has been added over the time of the Troupe existence. What is sure to be part of the initial rules for the troupe and has been created by their leader Chrollo is that the Troupe has one head and the rest are the limbs of the Spider which entails the chain of commands that is the limbs moves by the orders of the head and all limbs are equal. Another important rule that has been essential for Chrollo is that even he himself as the leader is not more important than the Spider. In any situation he could be sacrificed if that means the Spider will continue into existence; However, when he got kidnapped by Kurapika, the Troupe has been very dependent on him and couldn't follow this rule which resulted in great losses for the Troupe.

Chrollo is a Specialist with the main skill of stealing other people Nen abilities. His primary skill called "Skill Hunter". The stolen Nen ability of other Nen users is then stored inside a book called "Bandit's Secret". This book needs to be open during the time he is using the stolen ability. There are four conditions that needs to be fulfilled to enable him steal someone's ability. These conditions are as follows.

  1. Must see the Nen ability with his eyes.
  2. The Nen user should answer Chrollo's questions regarding the skill he intend to steal.
  3. There is a hand-print on the "Bandit's Secret" Book at which the Nen user should touch it with their palm.
  4. Chrollo has one hour only to fulfill all the conditions.
  5. When the Nen user dies, his ability will disappear from the bandit's Secret unless Post-Mortem Nen is involved.

The second ability he developed later in the anime is "Double Face". With this ability he can place a bookmark in his book for the ability he wants to use without keeping the book open to that page enabling him to either be able to use his both hands in combat while wielding the stolen ability or it can enable him to use more than one stolen ability at the same time.

Stolen abilities

  • Indoor Fish: Summoning a type of fish that would survive in sealed place. the victim of this ability will not feel pain but will be conscious while being eaten by the fish until the fish disappear which usually will result in the victims death.
  • Fun Fun Cloth: A Conjuration ability stolen from Owl, one of the shadow beasts. with this ability the user can conjure a cloth which will reduce the size of anything that it covers. The user can return it to it's original size afterwards.
  • Teleportation:It's unknown where Chrollo stole this ability from, even some Troupe members were not aware of it until he used it to teleport Nobunaga. He can use it to teleport someone without their consent.
  • The Sun and Moon: The user will have the mark of a sun on the back on one hand and a moon on the back of the other hand. He can mark the target with either symbol by touching them. The user would mark one target with sun and another target with moon symbol. Once these two target get in contact with each other they will detonate and explosion. There is a direct relationship between the time taken to place the mark and the intensity of the explosion.
  • Order Stamp:For this ability to work the user needs a puppet. the puppet should have a head and it's lifeless. this ability does not control dead body but it can control Nen copies of the dead.
  • Convert Hands:This ability allow the user to either take the form of another person, or make the other person take his form. touching with both hands will result in swapping forms with the target.
  • Lovely Ghostwriter:Chrollo stole this ability from Neon Nostrade. This ability falls into Specialist category. It can create accurate predictions for the future of another person only. The user can not predict their own future.
  • Gallery Fake: Ability borrowed from Kortopi to use against Hisoka. The user can copy an object they are touching by their left hand then an exact object will be conjured by the user's right hand.
  • Black Voice: Another ability borrowed from the Troupe Member. This ability is originally Shalnark's ability. He can control the target by placing an antenna on them
EditNobunaga Hazama

Nobunaga Hazama

Nobunaga is one of the six members the Troupe started with and he has number #1 inside the spider tattoo. He is ranked Ninth among the Troupe in terms of physical strength based on arm wrestling. He was friends with Uvogin even before they both joined the Troupe. When Uvogin got killed he was the most affected, even shedding tears for him in front of Gon and Killua and promising to kill whoever killed his friend. Nobunaga was fond of Gon and he wanted him to join the Troupe to become his partner instead of Uvogin.

Nobunaga is an Enhancer and a master swordsman. His Nen abilities are still to be discovered. During the Chimera ant, few members has demonstrated their Nen abilities fighting the ants; however Nobunaga wasn't part of the group who came back to Meteor City.

EditFeitan Portor

Feitan Portor

The spider tattoo on Feitan body is not revealed yet. Since the Troupe has been formed in Meteor City he has been #2 of the Spider. Feitan is ranked fifth based on arm wrestling. Feitan is expert in torture which makes him the best Troupe member when it comes to interrogating. Feitan is one of the member who strictly followed the rules of the Spider and cared about the spider as a whole and prioritize the Troupe existence above any member including the head. He eventually became the interim leader of the Troupe when he defeated Zazan (squadron leader of Chimera ant) who came into Meteor City.

Feitan is very skilled fighter with strength, agility, speed, and a strong Nen. His Nen falls in the Transmuter category. in the past his Nen ability almost killed some of the Troupe members who wanted to watch it. When he activated his Nen ability against Zazan the other Troupe member ran away from the location so that they will not be caught up in his ability. The activation of his Nen ability is triggered by anger and being injured. The strength of his ability is directly related to the amount of damage he has taken.

  • Pain Packer: This is the first step in leashing his deadly ability. with this step he conjures a suit that protects him from the effect of his attack.
  • Rising Sun: After conjuring the Suit to protect him he is ready to unleash this technique which results in an immense heat that's radiating from the sun he create with his own Nen. the intensity of the heat depends on the amount of damage inflicted to Feitan.
EditMachi Komacine

Machi Komacine

Machi holds #3 of the Troupe and she is sexth at arm wrestling. She is also one of the founding members of the Troupe. She is very loyal to their leader Chrollo. Machi's hunch is usually correct even when there is no evidance that support her hunch. When they captured Gon and Killua, even though both didn't know Kurapika is the one the Troupe were after and both of them has been scanned by Pakunda's ability, still Machi had accurately speculated they are connected to the chain user. Her hunch is trusted by the Troupe and their leader.

Her Nen falls in Transmutation and one of the first Nen abilities to be revealed from the Troupe members. Hisoka was fascinated by her Nen Stitches technique. Her two known abilities are:

  • Nen Stitches: Using her Nen to stitch wounds and even severed body parts can be attached and stitched back to the body with her ability. She used this ability to sew Hisoka's arms that has been severed in a fight. she charged him 70 million in total for the operation.
  • Nen Threads: Machi create threads with her Nen that she utilize in many ways. She can use it to capture, strangle or cut the enemies. It can also be used in persue as she did when following the chain user after kidnapping Uvogin by placing a needle on Uvogin with a thread attached to it. The strength of the thread would be stronger the shorter the thread. As the thread grows in length it gets weaker and weaker.


Little is known about #4. Hisoka defeated #4 to replace him in the Troupe. His Skills and abilities are still unknown.

EditHisoka Morow

Hisoka Morow

Hisoka is very strong, he ranked third in the Phantom Troupe in terms of physical strength which is based on arm wrestling. Hisoka has no interest in the Phantom Troupe other than his plans of fighting against their leader Chrollo. He defeated #4 of the Troupe to take his place. In the hunter exam he has failed the first time because he almost killed one of the examiners that he didn't like. In his second attempt he attacked the first examiner to confirm he is real. During that hunter exam he met Gon and became very fond of him. During the hunter exam it was evident that he is the strongest applicant. Though it's still not known who would win if Hisoka and Illumi Zoldyck would fight.

Hisoka is a very strong Nen user. He even devised his own way of determining the person's Nen category based on their personality. using his method he accurately guessed Gon's and Killua's Nen category. He also came up with "memory overload" concept. Hisoka's Nen abilities are simple yet very powerful and hard to deal with as admitted by Nobunaga. His Nen ability has been named after his favorite candy and gum from his childhood. Hisoka falls in the Transmutation category with and has following abilities:

  • Bungee Gum: Hisoka make his Nen sticky and elastic. He can then attach/detach it at will to anything or anyone he wants to which enables him to perform multiple attacks. His ability can also be used to shield against projectiles that he can fire back. His elastic Nen does not have to be attached to his body. It's a simple technique but it has a lots of applications that has been demonstrated by Hisoka very well during his fights.
  • Texture Surprise:This ability is within Conjuration category. Hisoka can use his Nen to change the appearance of a flat surface. He can do it very quick and even fool strong Nen users. He used this ability to hide his fortune from the Troupe Member. He changed the text written in it when Pakunda asked to read it. No one from the Troupe were able to detect it.
EditKalluto Zoldyck

Kalluto Zoldyck

This is the youngest child of the Zoldyck family, he is only 10 years old. He supported Illumi in killing the Mafia's Ten Dons. Also on another occasion he helped Illumi leave the phantom troupe hideout when he was covering up for Hisoka's absence. Kalluto has a very good relationship with his mother. As the rest of the family members, he is resistance to most poisons and have great strength and agility with training of assassination techniques. eventually he joined the phantom troupe replacing Hisoka as #4.

Kalluto is a Manipulator. He is well trained for Nen as demonsterated with the encounter against the Chimera ants. Two abilities are known so far.

  • Surveillance Paper Dolls: This ability allows him to spy on people by using a piece of confetti on the target and creating a paper doll of the target. Then he will be able to hear what is being said in the perimeter of that target.
  • Dance of the Serpent's Bite Using paper confetti in this attack in combination with his fan to control the confetti. He would throw them at his opponent and when it stick to the opponent's body, he would attack that part with the rest of the confetti and repeating the same process whenever a confetti stick to the opponent. He was able to easily tear up a Chimera ant with that technique.
EditPhinks Magcub

Phinks Magcub

Phinks ranked second in terms of strength and he hold #5. It's not clear if he was part of the founding members or not. Phinks usually accompanied by Feitan. Like most of the Troupe member, Phinks as well is from Meteor city. He was part of the group who came back to Meteor city to rescue it from Chimera ants. He is one of the loyal members to their leader and one of the members who prioritize the existence of the Troupe above all members. He considered Pakunda's actions as betrayal to the Troupe even though she only wanted to save their leader Chrollo. Himself and Feitan was ready to attack Pakunoda, Machi, and Kortopi to stop them, kill the hostages and then go after the chain user.

Just like other members of the Troupe, he possess immense strength, agility and speed. He is also expert in trailing. He tailed two of the Troupe members without them noticing him. As for Nen he is an Enhancer and he is very skilled Nen user with theoretical knowledge of Nen. There is only one of his Nen technique has been demonstrated when they fought the Chimera ants.

  • Ripper Cyclotron:When he winds his arm he gain more aura that is concentrated in his fist. this aura increases the more he winds his arm. The power accumulated with 15 turns was more than enough to destroy the Chimera ant he was fighting. He is still unable to accurately estimate how many winds he needs for the attack and he ends up using more power than required.


Shalnark is #6 of the Troupe or #9. He is one of the Troupe members who has a hunter license. His strength is ranked tenth in terms of physical strength. In Pakunoda's flash back for the beginning of the Troupe he wasn't there but he was refereed to as a founding member. Shalnark was on ph and Feitan side to go after the chain user even if it means the death of Chrollo. This entails he also value the existence of the spider over each and every member including the head. He even value Pakunoda and Shizuku over his life because their abilities are rare unlike his own talent which is replaceable, therefore their abilities are more important for the Troupe.

Shalnark is smart and able to evaluate the situation very well. With his henter license he can have access to resources and information that is very useful to the mission they are trying to accomplish, as when he helped Uvogin in tracking down the chain user. Shalnark knows that his ability is not unique and can be replace in case something happens to him, however his ability has been borrowed by their leader Chrollo in his preparation to fight against Hisoka. After the fight of Chrollo and Hisoka which ended with the death of Hisoka and him coming back to life, Hisoka swore to kill all the Troupe members. Shalnark was the second to die by the hands of Hisoka.

When it comes to Nen. Shalnark is in the Manipulation category with the following abilities:

  • Black Voice: The tools required for this ability is an antenna and his mobile phone. First he need to stick the antenna on his target, then he can use his phone to control them. Using his phone he can put the target on autopilot mode to do a specific task without his intervention. He will lose control once the affected person dies or the antenna gets removed
  • Autopilot Mode: Shalnark carry another antenna with him to use it on himself. He stick the antenna into his own body which puts him into autopilot mode. As a result of this he will gain immense amount of aura and strength. This ability gets deactivated only when he complete the mission. Shalnark does not like to go into this mode as it will cause him a lot of pain afterwards, plus he will not remember anything from when he was on autopilot.
EditFranklin Bordeau

Franklin Bordeau

Franklin is one of the founding members of the Troupe. he is the #7 limb of the Spider and ranked fourth in physical strength. His loyalty to the Spider is evidence in his speech to the other troupe members, when he stated that they would kill any Troupe member that is controlled by the chain user and then will rebuild the Troupe again to ensure the survival of the Troupe and it's prioritized above any of the members including their leader. He is strictly abiding by the rules to maintain the Troupe survival regardless of who might die in the process.

Franklin is originally from Meteor City as all the founding members are; However, he wasn't part of the group who came back to Meteor City to rescue it from Chimera ant invaders. He was part of all other Troupe endeavor such as: Kurta Clan Massacre, Massacring the Mafia at the auction, joining other Troupe members in Greed Island.

Franklin is physically strong, he ranked fourth among the Troupe. Regardless of his huge body, Franklin possess significant speed as well. He is also very skilled Nen user who falls in the Emission category with his main ability "Double Machine Gun" that has been shown so far.

  • Double Machine Gun: As the name suggest, he uses his hands as his machine gun where he would separate his fingertips and start shooting Nen bullets out of his fingers. These bullets are very strong to even tear through Nen puppets and still have fatal strength to kill whoever in it's way.


Prior to the start of the Anime. #8 of the Phantom Troupe was killed by Silva Zoldyck who was hired to kill #8. The contractor is unknown and why they wanted #8 dead still unknown as well. Silva Zoldyck had to fight Chrollo in the process of assassinating #8. Once he got killed he was replaced by Shizuku Murasaki.

EditShizuku Murasaki

Shizuku Murasaki

Shizuku holds #8 of the Spider. She is not one of the founding members. She joined the Troupe after the death of the previous #8 member by the hands of Silva Zoldyck. Her strength ranked twelfth among the Troupe Members. She lost to Gon not because she is weaker than him, it was due to using her right hand. If she used her strong hand, she would have won. She did not join the Troupe by beating one of it's current member, but rather by Chrollo. Either one of the current members nominated her or Chrollo is the one who brought her into the Troupe. She also has the habit of forgetting things. Once she forget something she would never remember it again as when she lost to Gon and the Troupe member tried to remind her of it. She just didn't remember that event.

Shizuku possess strength, speed, and agility like other Troupe members. She also has one of the rare Nen powers which are hard to replace upon her death as stated by Shalnark. Her Nen falls into Conjuration category with one main skill:

  • Blinky: This is her conjured vacuum cleaner. With that cleaner she can suck and infinite number of objects. The only two limitations are living and Nen made objects. Therefore, her ability is used for cleaning up the crime scene. She also used her ability to suck the poison out of Uvogin's body. She also has the power to suck the blood out of any open wound on her enemy.


Pakunoda was #9 or #6 of the Troupe. Physically she ranked eleventh among the other members. She is also from Meteor City and one of the founding members of the Troupe. She remained loyal to the Troupe and to the Leader, but she prioritized the life of the leader Chrollo above the Troupe existence which has been considered a betrayal to the Troupe. Her last prayer before her death after conveying her memories to the founding Troupe members was "Please. Let me... be the last..." hoping that she would be the last one who get killed and the life of the rest will be spared.

Pakunoda is strong with advanced speed, agility and endurance to pain. She also possess one of the rarest abilities ever and very dangerous ability to the enemies. she can read memories. according to her she can get the purest of the memories even if the enemy try to tamper with it. Her Nen is within the Specialization category with the following developed abilities:

  • Psychometry: With this ability she doens't need the consent of her target to go through there memories and extract the purest memories regardless the target tried to resist or tried making false information. The target does not even have to think about these memories. She only need to be physically in contact with her target and then ask the questions she wants. with this ability she can get valuable information from her targets.
  • Memory Bomb: This ability enables Pakunoda to load the memories into bullets and shoot it into the head of whoever she wants. if she shoot these memories into someone she has read these memories from, it will result in that person forgetting these memories. She used this ability to load her memories and shoot it into the founding members to relay her memories of her encounter with the chain user and the reason for all of her actions to them. This has activated the condition set by Kurapika which resulted in her death.
EditBonolenov Ndongo

Bonolenov Ndongo

Bonolenov is #10 of the Spider and he ranked eighth in physical strength among the Troupe members. He is not one of the founding members of the Troupe. Bonolenov entire body is covered with bandages to cover the holes in his body. His body without the bandages and back story has been revealed during his fight against the Chimera ants as he was part of the Troupe Members who came back to Meteor City to rescue it from the ants. It's still unknown how he came to join the Troupe.

Bonolenov is a graceful warrior who came from the Gyudondond Tribe which he takes pride in it. The entire tripe has been eradicated. He is very skilled fighter and strong with enhanced speed and agility. He is also a skilled Nen user; However his Nen category is not confirmed yet. His two abilities that has been shown falls into Conjuration category while the third ability is not scene yet and it not known which category does it belong to. By employing the holes in his body, with dancing moves that he inherited from his tribe he can play music through the holes in his body. Each song he create has a different effect:

  • Battle Cantabile - Prologue: This is one of the effect he can generate with the song he plays with the holes in his body. He can conjure for himself a warrior attire with a spear.
  • Battle Cantabile - Jupiter: He would conjure a giant spherical object that resembles the planet Jupiter. Once he complete the dance required for this ability, Jupiter would follow the target with high speed.
  • Battle Cantabile - Metamorphosen: This ability is yet to be seen. It enables Bonolenov to transform his body in different ways.


Uvogin holds #11 of the spider, and by far he is the strongest one among them physically. He ranks first above all Troupe members. He is the first Troupe member we get to see his Spider tattoo with #11 inside it. He is also one of the founding members of the Spider and came from Meteor City. He was friends with Nobunaga even before both joined the Troupe. He demonstrated a great loyalty to the Troupe and their leader. Even in his last moments he preferred death over selling out his comrades. To avenge his death the other Troupe members massacred the Mafia by the orders of their leader Chrollo.

The Troupe attacked the auction to steal all the items; However they didn't find anything as it all has been taken into a safe place prior to the Troupe's attempt. The Troupe members escaped in hot-air balloon which has been shoot down by the Mafia. Uvogin told the other Troupe member to not interfere. He single-handedly took care of the Mafia surrounding them and also defeating three of the Shadow-beasts alone. He was insulted when he was compared to a tank before he got shot with a bazooka. For Nen he is an Enhancer with the following Nen ability:

  • Big Bang Impact: He would concentrate his aura in his fist and use it to attack his enemy or the ground. As the name suggest, this ability will cause an explosion.

Another ability has been shown during his fight against the shadow beasts that is enhanced by his Nen is simply shouting, which has the power to deafened the other troupe members have they failed to cover their ears in time. Even by covering their ears, some Troupe members complained that they would have headache now because of it.

EditIllumi Zoldyck

Illumi Zoldyck

Illumi is the eldest son of Silva. He was introduced as Gittarackur during the 287th Hunter exam then his true identity was revealed during his fight against his younger brother Killua in the final stage of the hunter exam. Illumi used the needles to change his appearance and disguised as Gittarackur during the exam so that Killua would not recognize him. Illumi had two purposes to participate in the hunter exam. the first is because his next assassination job requires a hunter license and the second is to keep an eye on his brother Killua. during the exam Illumi teamed up with Hisoka.

Apart from his physical strength, agility, and resistance to poison as the rest of the family, his Nen is very strong and he is definitely falls in the Manipulation category of Nen as all of his Nen abilities are in that category. Below is a list of his Nen abilities:

  • Body Alteration: For this ability he uses the needles on his own body to change his appearance. During the hunter exam he did this to hide his identity. This ability is not comfortable for him; but it's very useful when it comes to assassination and infiltration. when he used this ability to cover up for Hisoka absence from the phantom troupe hideout it was evident that this ability has a time limit up to 5 hours if he doesn't have the needles placed on his body.
  • Hypnotic Spell: To activate this ability, Illumi will have to place a needle into the brain of his victim. He would decide on a set of orders that the victim has to abide by for as long as the needle is in place. When the victim try to oppose these orders he will have headache that is centralized into the location of the needle. Illumi used this technique on Killua with the knowledge of Zeno and Silva to prevent Killua from fighting if he cannot guarantee winning to make sure he will not get himself killed.
  • Corpse Control: Using his needles he can control the dead and make them follow his commands or use them in suicidal actions. for this ability to work, he will have to place his needles in the head of the corpse. It's unknown if he can control any dead corpse with the needles or control the people who get killed by him with the needles only.
  • Needle People: Usually one needle is required per victim to activate this power. he stick this needle into the skull, then he can issue any command he desire. the victim will follow the orders given to them by Illumi till they die. in case any of these victims happen to remain alive once the needle is removed, they will spend the rest of their life crippled.

Illumi performed multiple jobs as an assassin. Not all of these jobs required him to kill someone as when he took Hisoka's place, his job was only to fool other troupe member into thinking that Hisoka remained at the hideout and never left. another job was when he was hired by Chrollo (the head of the spiders) to kill the Mafia's ten dons at which he teamed up with Maha and his youngest brother kalluto to successfully complete the mission.



Kortopi was #12 of the Troupe, and he is the weakest among them in physical strength holding the last position in arm wrestling. His face was never seen as his hair would cover this entire face at all the time. He is very loyal to their leader Chrollo, he even allowed him to borrow his Nen ability when Chrollo was preparing to fight Hisoka. He is not a founding member and it's unknown when did he exactly joined the Troupe. He eventually died by the hands of Hisoka.

Eventhough he is ranked the weakest in the Troupe he is still strong enough to be part of the Phantom Troupe. Kortopi's Nen type is Conjuration and he have a very useful ability with many applications.

  • Gallery Fake: Kortopi touch one object with his left hand and conjure a perfect replica with his right hand. Any living object can be replicated as an inanimate object. Everything he Conjure with this ability will disappear after 24 hours. Also when he touch the original object he can tell where the replica object is.

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