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Zoldyck family lives at Republic of Padokea, specifically at Kukuroo Mountain which is 3722 Meters above sea level. The entire mountain is owned by the family. Their house is visited regularly by tourist all the time; however, they only reach to the outer gate and not any further. The outside gate called the Testing Gate. It is segregated into 7 different doors, these doors are designed in such a way to open the door matching the amount of power is exerted on the gate. Whoever unable to open this gate is not allowed to visit the family. The weight doubles as it moves from a smaller gate to the next, where the weight of the smallest gate is four tons, that makes the seventh gate weighing 256 tons having 128 ton for each panel of the last gate. There is another door which is used as a trap for anyone trying to force his way into the property of the family. It's easy to open and the key is with the door keeper who does not fight back and simply allow the intruder to take the key. Whenever someone enter the property through the side door or any way other than the opening the testing gates, they will have to meet Mike ( the huge guarding dog of Zoldyck family ) who is instructed to attack and kill anyone does not enter through the testing gate


Mike was ordered once to not attack the intruders. During that day there was a group of blacklist hunters who tried to kill the Zoldyck family. They forced their way in through the side door and reached far into the family's property. They was met by an apprentice butler named Canary who was 10 at the time, she managed to single-handedly wipe out all the intruders. They were allowed to reach this far to test Canary strength. Only one of that entire group remained alive and he became an employee for the family after begging for his life


The Zoldyck family specializes in assassination. The identity of the family members are known by only few people and any picture of any member of the family could be sold for millions. One of the hits that has been performed prior to the start of the anime by the family is killing #8 of the phantom troupe which has been carried out by Silva. It's still unknown how to contract with the Zoldyck family and how much they charge for the hit. One of the highest praise a target can get from the family is when the family member hired for the hit complains about the payment not being enough for it.



Zeno is one of the strongest characters in the anime despite his old age. He is a skilled Nen user that falls probably in the Transmutation category of Nen. He refuse to kill or die for nothing and he only kills the hits he is hired for. If the client is no longer able to pay him for any reason he will stop the mission even if he is about to kill the target. So far during the anime there were two jobs where Zeno Zoldyck was hired for. The first is to kill Chrollo the head of the phantom Troupe, however, this mission was interrupted and unfinished. The second job is when Netero hired him during the fight with Chimera ant. So far there are multiple abilities known and demonstrated during these two jobs.

  • Aura Blast: This is an emission ability allowing him to release a strong blast of his aura. It has been shown during the fight against Chrollo. With this ability he was able to push Chrollo back and even injure him.
  • Dragon Head:Transmutation ability that enables Zeno to create a dragon with his aura. This dragon can be used for transportation and also can be used as the starting point of Dragon Lance attack and Dragon Dive attack.
  • Dragon Lance: This is a Transmutation Ability. After lunching dragon head attack he can keep the dragon attached to him where he control it's movement to be able to attack his enemy from distance.
  • Dragon Dive This ability is a mix of both Emission and Transmutation. Once Dragon Head attack is lunched he then can turn the dragon into so many small dragon that would then rain down. that attack has been used during the Chimera ant invasion and unintentionally injured Komugi


At the moment Silva is the head of the Zoldyck family, he has high hopes for his son Killua to be an exceptional assassin in the future and one day Killua will lead the Zoldyck family taking his place. Silva has immense physical power, speed and very high resistance to poison to the point during the fight against Chrollo he was injured with a poisonous knife. Only 0.1 milligrams can paralyze a whale, yet he simply stopped the poison using his hair and said that he is fine. He continue the fight without being affected by that poison. He is very skilled in the assassination, he can tear out the heart of a man without single drop of blood. When it comes to Nen, Silva is probably falls in Transmutation category. There is only one ability has been shown for Silva which is Explosive Orbs Where he will have two giants Orbs, one in each hand and he will perform the attack against his enemy with those orbs, That results in an explosion. During the Chimera ant he was able to kill and crushed Cheetu (one of the squadron leaders) with one strike.

Previously he was hired to kill #8 of the phantom troupe. He carried that mission successfully. During this mission he has conflicted with Chrollo, when Silva came back home he complained about the payment for the hit which is a praise for the hit. probably fighting Chrollo in the process of killing #8 was the reason for this praise.



The name "Kikyo" means "bellflower" in Japanese that's probably the reason why she is always shown wearing a gown that resembles a bell. She is the wife of Silva and the mother of all his children. four boys and one daughter. It's still unknown how she has met Silva and they got married. What is evident is that she is from Meteor City.

Her strength and abilities are not known clearly and not shown in the anime, However, based on her origin and since she is part of the Zoldyck family, She must be a professional assassin with some kind of monstrous power. For sure she can open the testing gates even if it's still unknown which gate would open when she exert her full power. Her Nen abilities still not shown in the Anime and it's still unknown which category does she fall under for sure. For now the expected Nen Category for Kikyo is Manipulation.

Kikyo is a cruel and strict mother who will go as far as keeping her son in the torture room. She is also very fond of killua and has high hopes that he will become an excellent assassin. Even when killua stabbed her in his way out when he ran away she was proud of him for doing so



Illumi is the eldest son of Silva. He was introduced as Gittarackur during the 287th Hunter exam then his true identity was revealed during his fight against his younger brother Killua in the final stage of the hunter exam. Illumi used the needles to change his appearance and disguised as Gittarackur during the exam so that Killua would not recognize him. Illumi had two purposes to participate in the hunter exam. the first is because his next assassination job requires a hunter license and the second is to keep an eye on his brother Killua. during the exam Illumi teamed up with Hisoka Morow.

Apart from his physical strength, agility, and resistance to poison as the rest of the family, his Nen is very strong and he is definitely falls in the Manipulation category of Nen as all of his Nen abilities are in that category. Below is a list of his Nen abilities:

  • Body Alteration: For this ability he uses the needles on his own body to change his appearance. During the hunter exam he did this to hide his identity. This ability is not comfortable for him; but it's very useful when it comes to assassination and infiltration. when he used this ability to cover up for Hisoka's absence from the Phantom Troupe hideout it was evident that this ability has a time limit up to 5 hours if he doesn't have the needles placed on his body.
  • Hypnotic Spell: To activate this ability, Illumi will have to place a needle into the brain of his victim. He would decide on a set of orders that the victim has to abide by for as long as the needle is in place. When the victim try to oppose these orders he will have headache that is centralized into the location of the needle. Illumi used this technique on Killua with the knowledge of Zeno and Silva to prevent him from fighting if he cannot guarantee winning to make sure he will not get himself killed.
  • Corpse Control: Using his needles he can control the dead and make them follow his commands or use them in suicidal actions. for this ability to work, he will have to place his needles in the head of the corpse. It's unknown if he can control any dead corpse with the needles or control the people who get killed by him with the needles only.
  • Needle People: Usually one needle is required per victim to activate this power. he stick this needle into the skull, then he can issue any command he desire. the victim will follow the orders given to them by Illumi till they die. in case any of these victims happen to remain alive once the needle is removed, they will spend the rest of their life crippled.

Illumi performed multiple jobs as an assassin. Not all of these jobs required him to kill someone as when he took Hisoka's place, his job was only to fool other troupe member into thinking that Hisoka Morow remained at the hideout and never left. another job was when he was hired by Chrollo (the head of the spiders) to kill the Mafia's ten dons at which he teamed up with Maha and his youngest brother kalluto to successfully complete the mission.



When it comes to strength, Milluki is not a match to the other family members. He never been shown demonstrating strength or agility. Killua has stabbed Milluki in his way out when he left the family property to take the hunter exam. Milluki himself is an assassin and perform his job using poison and bombs. When Killua came back home after the hunter exam, Milluki tortured him with a whip in the torture room as a punishment.

Milluki didn't leave the family property since he was 10. He spends most of his time in his room in front of the computer. He is a genius Computer hacker and programmer. he was interested in Greed island as he was interested in the prize of winning in that game.Milluki gave up hope on this game until Killua contacted him and shared a memory card of Greed island. He then left the family property in an attempt to get a copy of that game. He failed due to not having enough money to buy the game.



Killua is one of the main characters of HunterXHunter along with Gon Freecss. He is 12 years old and slightly younger than Gon. In the Zoldyck family he is the only one who inherited the silver hair as his father and grandfather. He is considered the heir of the family to lead the Zoldyck family one day. His family has high hopes for him to be an exceptional assassin except that Killua himself does not share the same belief with the rest of his family. His father started training the named heir of the family since the day of his birth, as a result of this training, Killua was able to withstand electricity, immune to many types of poison and sedatives and gained strength with many assassination skills. At the age of six he was fighting in the heavens arena. in two years he was able to reach to the 200th floor.

At the age 12 he ran away injuring his mother and his brother Milluki in the process. Then he participated in the hunter exam not because he was interested to be a hunter. However, during the exam he met Gon and became his closest friend. They both remained together traveling, adventuring and fighting for their life together until the time Gon has met his father

Killua is very skillful with many abilities demonstrated through out the anime. Before he even learns Nen he was able to pluck out the heart of the serial killer and the fearful man called Johness the Dissector in an instance. His assassination abilities are as following

  • Assassin Mode: Killua would heighten his concentration and focus primarily on the enemy in front of him. at this mode he would not hesitate to kill
  • Claws: With this skill he would turn his fingernails to claws. this technique makes his hands a dangerous weapon allowing him to kill his target. It was with this ability he was able to pluck the heart of the serial killer with ease.
  • The Snake Awakens: He moves his hands very quick to the point it seems like two whips. he would shatter anything that falls in it's way.
  • Rhythm Echo: This is one of the technique of assassination. This ability will allow him to create an after image that would confuse the enemy. Killua used this against the chairman Netero in his try to obtain the ball from him.

After learning Nen and discovering that he falls in the Transmutation category of Nen, he trained himself for the following abilities which are suitable for his category and all of them depends on electricity where he would need to recharge

  • Lightning Palm: This is the first ability and the most basic one. with this ability he would use both hands to electrocute his opponent.
  • Thunderbolt : As the name suggest. this attack is to strike the enemy with a thunderbolt from above.
  • Whirlwind :Kilua would use his aura to program certain response for his body which increase his response time. This ability is one of the applications for GodSpeed.
  • Speed of Lightning:For this ability Killua will retain control over his of his body but with enhanced speed and jump strength. with this ability he can cover a long distance in a short period of time.


Alluka is the only daughter of Silva and Kikyo, she is much different than the rest of the Zoldyck family, and as stated she possess the power to end the entire family. She is a normal girl and doesn't have any special strength or power and could be killed easily. However she is possessed by a creature from the dark continent which is called Nanika ( which means "Something"). It's unknown how did she become possessed with this entity. The family spent a lot of time and resources to figure out how does Nanika's power work

Alluka is locked up the entire time in a chamber at the family property with high security and many steel doors with passwords. She is being monitored with cameras all the time. Alluka is the host for Nanika which is still unknown to this point how it ended up possessing Alluka. Killua has a way of knowing whether it's Alluka or Nanika that is talking to him because Alluka would always calls him by name while Nanika keeps calling him big brother

Nanika has a power of granting wishes after fulfilling three requests given by Alluka. There is a direct relation between the wish being granted and the difficulty of the next three request. To fully understand this power and the rules to activate and control this power the family has conducted multiple experiments and there has been multiple incidents. finally they have came up with five rules for it's power of granting wishes known by the family as following

  1. The same person can't make two wishes in a row
  2. Alluka has to know the name of the person she is making the requests to.
  3. Once Alluka start giving request to one person then he/she has to fulfill all the three request. that person can not be changed and Alluka will not make a request to someone else.
  4. If the person fulfilling the requests has died before completing three request then one more person will die as well.
  5. if a person fails to fulfill the requests of Alluka, he will die. Depending on the wish has been granted prior to this failure of fulfilling the request of Nanika will determine how many people related to the one failed to grant the requests will die as well.

There are some rules also was known only by Killua which are:

  1. You can make a wish restricted with some conditions. if these conditions are met then the wish will be granted.
  2. Healing request doesn't get punished with difficult requests and Nanika has to make physical contact when healing. healing is very exhausting for Nanika and once performed Alluka will fall asleep.
  3. Killua can issue commands to Nanika which will not be punished with difficult requests
  4. Killua can make a command to Nanika even if it's in the middle of making requests to someone else.


This is the youngest child of the Zoldyck family, he is only 10 years old. He supported Illumi in killing the Mafia's Ten Dons. Also on another occasion he helped Illumi leave the phantom troupe hideout when he was covering up for Hisoka's absence. Kalluto has a very good relationship with his mother. As the rest of the family members, he is resistance to most poisons and have great strength and agility with training of assassination techniques. eventually he joined the phantom troupe replacing Hisoka as #4.

Kalluto is a Manipulator. He is well trained for Nen as demonsterated with the encounter against the Chimera ants. Two abilities are known so far

  • Surveillance Paper Dolls: This ability allows him to spy on people by using a piece of confetti on the target and creating a paper doll of the target. Then he will be able to hear what is being said in the perimeter of that target.
  • Dance of the Serpent's Bite Using paper confetti in this attack in combination with his fan to control the confetti. He would throw them at his opponent and when it stick to the opponent's body, he would attack that part with the rest of the confetti and repeating the same process whenever a confetti stick to the opponent. He was able to easily tear up a Chimera ant with that technique.

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