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Freecss family comes from a small island called Whale Island due to it's shape that resembles a whale. Whale island is the place where Ging, Mito, and Gon has been raised. There is one more character called Don Freecss, but not much is known about him other than he shares the same last name Freecss and he is the author of Journey to the New World. Don Freecss is one of few people who traveled the Dark Continent and lived to tell the story. His book is divided into two: "East" and "West".

Whale Island

Is a small island with few inhibitors. There is only another kid who is the same age as Gon and that child is a girl named Noko. Gon used to be a tour guide for people coming to this island. At the swamp of Whale Island reside The Master of the Swamp. Even adults weren't able to cache it yet both Gon and his father Ging caught it at the age of 12, and they were the only ones able to catch it.



Abe is the mother of two sons. Her husband and her two sons are still unknown, but the identity of her grandchildren is well known in the anime. She is the grandmother of Ging and Mito. Abe is the great grandmother of Gon. She always said to Mito that Gon will eventually leave the whale island just as his father. She would also tease Mito and remind her about the past related to Ging.

EditEldest Son

Eldest Son

The eldest son of two brothers. His name and his appearance is still unknown. He has one son called Ging that has become a very famous hunter with double stars. He died in an unknown event after the departure of his son Ging to participate in the hunter exam. Not much is known about this character from the Anime.



Ging is the motivation for his son Gon to become a hunter. He has left Whale island before turning 12 to participate in 267th hunter exam and he was the only one who passed the hunter exam that year. His father died while he was away for the hunter exam test. After passing the hunter exam he had many adventures for 10 years before he came back to Whale island with 2 years old boy he named Gon. The identity of Gon's mother remained unknown. Ging planned to leave his son in the custody of his grandmother for a short period of time. Mito didn't accept this and she even went to court to take custody over Gon.

Ging possess Genius-Level Intellect and this was demonstrated multiple times as when he anticipated that his son will become a hunter and that he will eventually challenge Razor in Greed Island. Ging even knew what the plan Gon would use upon completing the game and what cards his son would choose to take with him and according to this he gives instructions to Eleena that if Gon used Accompany on then she would take Gon along with his friends to Kite and if Gon used Magnetic Force she would take Gon to him. Also during the 13th Hunter Chairman Election he accurately predicted what will happen during the Zodiac meeting and he prepared the rules for the election and hand it to Beans prior to the meeting of the Zodiacs as he predicted that Beans would be chosen to pick the rules. Ging has included a fifth rule in order to fool the rest of the Zodiacs to accept his first 4 rules.

Ging's Rules

  1. Every single Hunter is a candidate and a voter.
  2. If the candidate with the most votes hasn't achieved the majority of the votes, the candidates will be cut down to 16 participants. If the latter rule will not work the candidates for the position will be cut in half until there's a winner.
  3. If the voting rate is less than 95% the election should be re-processed.
  4. All voters must write their names on their vote. All nameless votes will be considered null and void.
  5. Ging will be the chairman of the election committee.


Ging gives his approval for any hunter after they have completed a specific task. This task for the hunter is to find Ging. This task has been given to both Kite who came to whale island looking for clues in order to find Ging. The other person is Ging's son Gon. Once he became a hunter he was given this task to find Ging in order to be approved by him as a hunter.


Ging has accomplished many things since he became a hunter. He is still not satisfied, but his achievements are considered great even by other hunters. He is eligible to become a three star hunter if he wants too but it seems like this does not pique his interests.


Ging has been using his own fortune to preserve the archaeological ruins. He is founded a non-profit organization after he passed the hunter exam using his own money in order to preserve ruins and that organization still exist and supply him with information.

Greed Island

Ging worked in a team of 11 members to create a game he called Greed Island using the first letter of each member of the team. He designed this game to be only for hunters. In order to have the name as Greed Island he changed the name of Wdwune name removing the "W" to use the "D" in the name Greed Island. He also removed the "E" at the end because he was confused.


Ging dream is to find what he can not see in front of him. This has been his dream ever since he was a kid when he left Whale Island to become a hunter. Becoming a hunter wasn't his goal but it was the best way to aid him in achieving his goals. He is still working to achieve his next goal which is to travel the Dark Continent; However, as stated by him that he still lake few qualities required to be eligible to venture into the Dark Continent.



Gon has been born outside Whale island form an unknown mother. When he was 2 years old, his father Ging came back to Whale island carrying him and left him in his grate grandmother custody. Mito went into court and had full custody over Gon from his father. She also lied to Gon about his father and didn't tell him that he is alive. It was a coincidence when Kite came to Whale island searching for clues about the where about of Ging, he met Gon and told him that his father is alive and that he is a hunter. From that day on, Gon has been motivated to become a hunter himself and to go find his father.

Before Hunter Exam

Gon has visited Greed Island as a child with his father, then his father brought him to Whale island to live with his great grandmother and Mito who became his foster mother. Gon initially didn't know the truth about his father, but later he was told that his father is a hunter by Kite who saved Gon from a bear attack. When Gon was in Whale island there weren't other kids of the same age as him, only a girl named Noko. Gon has been inspired to become a hunter and he said to Mito that being a hunter must be great that his father abandoned him in order to be a hunter. For Gon to participate in the hunter exam he was required to get Mito's signature on his application; However, Mito didn't want to sign it and she didn't want Gon to walk into his father's steps. Mito made a promise to Gon that if he catch the Master of the Swamp she would sign his application. This was a tough task that even adults are unable to complete. To make it even harder she only gave him his father's fishing rod few days before the hunter exam begins. Gon has been able to catch the Master Of The Swamp and came back to Mito to sign his application and keep her promise to him. Mito has been reluctant to sign it but eventually she signed the application and Gon started his journey to become a hunter.

Hunter Exam

Hunter exam started the moment the ship departed from the harbor. The captain of the boat has been one of the examiners. According to the Captain, Gon has been the second one to successfully predict the storm coming. The first one was his father Ging. Gon has met multiple friends during the hunter exam who he helped and was helped by them along the way during the hunter exam. Before the start of phase one Gon became friends with both Leorio and Kurapika. Once the first phase of the hunter exam started, he met Killua Zoldyck the only child around his age in the hunter exam and they have become best friends ever since. During the hunter exam Gon has conflicted with Hisoka Morow and he was approved by him as a hunter. Since their clash in the hunter exam, Hisoka Morow has been keeping an eye on Gon and waiting for him to get stronger to challenge him.

In one of the phases the applicants have been released in an island to collect each other's tags and each applicant had a target that is worth 3 points. For Gon it was unfortunate that his target is Hisoka Morow, however in the days he spent on the island he devised a plan and practice until finally he successfully executed his plan and was able to snatch Hisoka's tag. Too bad that Gon didn't notice that himself is a target for another applicant who easily stole the tags from him. Few minutes later, Hisoka came back to Gon with the tags and gave it to him. Upon Gon's refusal to take the tag, Hisoka Morow punched Gon and said: Give it back only when you can hit me in the face like that. Gon recovered and helped Leorio and Kurapika in this phase and all of them passed.

During the last phase of the exam, Gon has been matched with Hanzo in a one to one fight. You win when you make your opponent admit defeat. Hanzo is a trained ninja and he is surpassing Gon in speed, agility and strength. The fight between them has been a torture session for Gon that ended up with his right arm being broken. Gon has been stubborn and even in that situation he refused to admit defeat even though he few more chances to win against another applicant and become a hunter. Even in that situation he changed the atmosphere around him when he was arguing with Hanzo. Eventually Hanzo admitted defeat as it was not permitted to kill the opponent and Hanzo wasn't able to make Gon admit defeat. With this Gon has been the first one to pass the hunter exam and became a hunter.

Greed Island

After becoming a hunter, Gon's goal has been to find clues of his father's where about and to finally meet with him. One of the clues he had is a game left for him by his father in order to be given to Gon once he become a hunter. The name of the game is Greed Island. After collecting information about this game with the help of Killua and his brother Milluki, he came to know about few copies of the game being auctioned and he set the goal to collect the money in order to buy one copy. In order to collect the money, both Gon and Killua

has been tailing members of the Phantom Troupe and both of them got captured by the Troupe. They both has been managed to escape but both of them started helping Kurapika in order have his revenge against the Spiders. Gon had a plan to obtain a copy of the game and he shared this plan with Killua after their conflict with the Spiders has come to end. Gon plan is to ask the person who buys the game to allow them to play as they are pro hunters or at least Gon is a pro hunter at that time. Each developed his own Nen skill and they have demonstrate it to Tsezguerra who has approved both of them.

While in the game they have met Biscuit who became their trainer and put them into intense training to further enhance their strength, speed, and proficiency in Nen. Along with Biscuit they have been able to clear the game and win the prize. Biscuit took the diamond she was after and Gon selected Accompany on along with another card to allow him to take Accompany on. His plan was to use Accompany on to take him to his father Ging along with his friend Killua. Ging already anticipated this and gave the instructions to send Gon with his friends to Kite if he uses Accompany on.

Battle Against Chimera Ants

After using the card Accompany on, both Gon and Killua has been transported to Kite's location. At the time, Kite was investigating the Chimera Ants. He took both Gon and Killua with him in his journey but at the end he was killed by the royal guard Neferpitou (Pitu). Killua knocked Gon and ran away.

The chairman Netero came to fight the ants and invited Gon and Killua to join them. Both the boys prepared and trained in order to go back and fight the ants along with the other pro hunters. Along the way, some of the ants also joined the fight and sided with humans to fight against the King and the royal guards. Once the attack began on the ants, Gon has reached the place where Pitu is. When they reached to Pitu, he was saving a girl called Komogi that got hurt by Zeno's dragon dive attack. At that time Gon wasn't very well mentally and even willing to kill the innocent girl Komogi if Pitu didn't agree to his terms.

Netero fought intensely against the king Meruem, but at the end he wasn't able to win in the fight and he had to sacrifice himself in order to kill Meruem. Netero's sacrifice put an end to Meruem's life and to two of his royal guards as well. The third royal guard was killed by Gon after putting a condition on himself to gain tremendous amount of power that Pitu himself said it's equal to the king's power. Gon was able to successfully defeat and kill Pitu but on great expense that could have costed him his life. Killua was able to save Gon's life with the help of the entity possessing Alluka Zoldyck.

EditSecond Son

Second Son

This is the second son of two brothers. His name and his apperence are yet to be revealed. He has one daughter called Mito. He died along with his brother and wife in an unknown event after the departure of his nephew Ging for the hunter exam. Not much is known about this character from the Anime.



Mito used to be very close to Ging when they were children. She would always get lost in the forest and everyone would go search for her, but always ging is the one who finds her and get her back home. The villagers started to believe they are doing this on purpose. Mito is also the foster mother of Gon. She went into court to have custody over him from Ging. Gon is very appreciative of Mito and consider her to be his mother, even when he had the chance to hear his real mother's voice he refused saying that Mito is the only mother he knows. Mito didn't want Gon to become a hunter and she wanted him to stay on the whale island but against to her wishes, Gon has left the island and became a hunter. When Gon came back to visit, she gave him the items left for him by his father Ging. It was meant to be given to Gon only when he becomes a hunter. Mito tried to get rid of these items multiple times but failed and eventually these items had been handed to Gon upon his successful completion of the hunter exam.

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