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Vinsmoke Family is a royal family that had conqured the entire North Blue by force. After conquering the North Blue they had established Germa Empire. This empire has been formed about 300 years ago and only lasted for 66 days. Currently Vinsmoke Judge is leading the family and they are only ruling over Ocean going Germa Kingdom; However, they still retain the right to participate in Levely and still considered a royal family. They also has the power to affect the Bounty system, as when they increased Sanji's bounty and changed it into "Only Alive". The family lost it's connection with the world government after their involvements with Big Mom, one of the four emperors of the see.

Germa 66

Also called Germa Double Six, is the military force of the Germa Kingdom which is created and ruled by the Vinsmoke family. Germa 66 heavily depends on technology advancement for their weapons and even for the soldiers. All of the soldiers in Germa 66 army are cloned with enhanced strength, Also their growth to adulthood takes less years with the technology used by the Germa 66.

Alliance With Big Mom Pirates

At some point, there was a deal between Germa 66 and the Big Mom Pirates at which they will be allied together after the marriage of Sanji (Judge's son) to Pudding (Big Mom's Daughter). With this marriage both forces will be joined together to support each others in their goals. Big Mom Pirates were after the scientific advancement of Germa 66 and wanted to have this power while the Germa 66 desired to conquer the North Blue with this alliance; However, this was entirely a trap for Germa 66 and Big Mom pirates wanted to massacre the leaders of Germa 66 during the wedding.

This plan has been interrupted by the Strawhat pirates and fire tank pirates who had their own plan to assassinate Big Mom during the wedding, and Sanji Managed to save his family from death. Because Germa 66 was saved by the Strawhats, They have allied with the Strawhats against Big Mom Pirates and helped them flee the territory of Big Mom Pirates.



Vinsmoke Judge is the King of the Germa kingdom and the brain behind the scientific advancement of the Germa kingdom. In the past, Judge has led Germa 66 army and managed to kill the kings of four kingdoms in North blue. This battle is called the conquest of four nations. Judge is very proud of this achievement, he got a portraite of himself with the four king's heads in the castle of Germa kingdom.

Judge also worked with the famous World Government's scientist Vegapunk. Both of them worked together in an illegal research. The result of this research was the discovery of the Lineage Factor which is the blueprint for the creation of life itself. This discovery made the world government go after them. Vegapunk got caught by the world Government while Judge managed to escape. Later on, Judge further advanced this technology with his knowledge as a geneticist. He managed to to create an entire cloned army and even genetically modifying his children.


Judge consider the entire North Blue nations as his enemies. In order to conqeur the North Blue he allied with Big Mom Pirates; However, he was betrayed by them and therefore Big Mom Pirates became his enemies as well.


Judge has the desire to conquer the entire North Blue as his ancestors has done around 300 years ago and re-establish the Germa Empire once existed in the past. To achieve this dream he genetically modified his sons to become superhuman.



Vinsmoke Sora is Judge's wife, the queen of Germa Kingdom and the mother of all of Judge's children. She is gentle and kindhearted person who opposed the plans of her husband Judge and took lethal drug to thwart his plans of turning their quadruple into emotionless soldiers. Her attempt failed to save all of her quadruple from their father's plans and the drug she took only affected Sanji.

Sora wished for her children to have normal human emotions. She was very happy that the drug she took saved Sanji from being deprived from all emotions and she was happy to see him exhibit those emotions. When Sanji was a little boy and started cooking he made a meal for his mother Sora. The meal he cooked looked and tasted very bad; However, Sora ate it with a huge smile on her face and told him that it's delicious.



Vinsmoke Reiju is the first daughter of Vinsmoke Judge and Vinsmoke Sora and the only daughter as well. Reiju is the eldest daughter of the Vinsmoke family and one of the commanders of Germa 66. She had 6 tattooed on each of her thighs. She recieved some genetic modifications by her father Vinsmoke Judge but she is not deprived of all the feelings like the rest of her brothers who remained in the Germa Kingdom.

Vinsmoke Reiju wasn't bullying Sanji with the rest of her brothers, but she would laugh at him just so that she is not subjected to their bullying as well. Once Sanji got locked up in a cell in the basement of Germa castle, she used to visit him and bring him things he needed. Eventually she helped him to break out of that cell and encouraged him to leave the Vinsmoke family as there is nothing good will come for him if he stays within Germa Kingdom and the best choice for him is to leave.


Vinsmoke Reiju is genetically modified by Judge to have superhuman powers. Even when she was a child, she bent the steel bars of the cell that Sanji was locked up in with her bare hands. In additional to her physical power and the use of the advanced technology that Germa 66 specialized in to enhance her speed and strength, she also have the medical skills specially in toxicology. She is called Poison Pink for her specializing in poison and in her first appearance she accurately identified the poison that Monkey D. Luffy got affected with. She even saved Luffy from that poison by kissing him and sucking all the poison out of his body.

Alliance with Big Mom

Vinsmoke Reiju was suspecting that Pudding is not what she pretend to be. Her specious was proven correct when Pudding held her a captive and revealed their entire plan on assassinating the entire Vinsmoke family during the wedding. Then Pudding used her devil fruit ability to erase this from Reiju's memory. Sanji was listening to the entire conversation without Pudding's knowledge and when he came to Reiju and told her the truth she believed him. During that time she told Sanji that this is a suitable end for the Vinsmoke family and he should just leave with the Straw hats Pirates.



Vinsmoke Ichiji is the first son of the four quadruple. He is the eldest son of the Vinsmoke family, he is known as Sparking Red. He has been deprived of all emotions that even in the face of death he was laughing and told his father who were crying that it's pathetic. Ichiji consider Sanji to be a disgrace to the Vinsmoke family and he took part in bullying Sanji even when Sanji came back to the family he still beat him up along with his other brothers. Ichiji has no regards to the people serving under his command and he would use them in order to protect himself even if this going to result in their death.


Vinsmoke Ichiji has been genetically modified by his father Judge to give him superhuman powers that has been honed with training since childhood. Vinsmoke Ichiji is also known as "Sparking Red" which came from the ability he specialized in. He can shoot energy light out of his hands that cause lethal damage to the enemies when it pierce through them. Some of the known attacks are: Sparking Figure, Double Sparking Figure, Sparking Valkyrie.



Vinsmoke Niji is the second son of the quadruple. He has been genetically modified by his father Judge to enhance his power and to deprive him from emotions. Niji gets disgust when he see his brother Sanji display any sort of emotion to the servants of Germa 66. In despite of his cruelty he still have some sense of gratitude, as when Sanji saved his life along with the rest of Vinsmoke family, Niji reciprocated by saving some of the Straw hats members. He also saved Sanji and escorted him along with Luffy to the ship of the Straw hats and secretly slipped the raid suit of Germa belonged to Sanji into Luffy's pocket.


Niji has been modified genetically and received a boost in his physical ability since birth. His physical strength has been further strengthen with daily training as well. Niji also possess a great speed and agility that he was able to move very fast that even Sanji lost sight of him. Vinsmoke Niji is known as Dengeki Blue because of his unique ability among the Vinsmoke family. He can employ electricity in his attacks as when he attacked Charlotte Oven in order to save Chopper.



Vinsmoke Sanji is the third son of the quadruple; However, he wasn't affected by the genetic modification done by his father. He was the only son of the quadruple got affected by the drug that Sora took in order to oppose Judge's plan of giving their sons superhuman power and depriving them from all feelings. Sanji being the only one who didn't receive the superhuman power was considered a failure by his father Judge.

During his life in the Germa Kingdom he has been bullied all the time by his brothers for being different and weak compared to them. His father would not do anything about this as he himself was displeased with Sanji. Judge also hated the fact that Sanji started cooking and considered this to be an insult for someone from the royal family. Eventually Sanji has been locked up in a cell with an iron mask on his head and his father declared to the citizens of Germa Kingdom that his son Sanji has died.

Leaving Germa Kingdom

Even when Sanji was locked away in the cell, his brother would come to him to abuse him. One day his sister Reiju had enough of seeing all of this bullying to her little brother Sanji and she came down to his cell to free him. She held the cell's bars and opened it with her bare hands for Sanji to get out. Before leaving the kingdom, Sanji went into his father's room to get the keys for the iron mask that has been placed on him.

Sanji was able to get the mask off but while he was in his father's room, his father came and saw Sanji. Judge didn't care much about Sanji's well being or what he would do after leaving the kingdom. All he cared about is that Sanji should never use Vinsmoke name as he considered Sanji to be a failure. At that day, Judge disowned his son Sanji and he allowed him leave the kingdom. Sanji started working as a cook and he met Zeff, the pirate who had the same dream as Sanji of finding All Blue. Eventually Sanji has joined the Straw hats pirates.

Family Reunion

Sanji left Vinsmoke family behind and he was hoping that he will never come back to it; However, his father Judge arranged marriage between his son Sanji and Big Mom Daughter, Pudding. This marriage was intended to join forces with the Big Mom Pirates. The only reason Judge chose Sanji is because he wasn't willing to sacrifice any of his dear sons for this, so he decided to use Sanji to get this deal with Big Mom.

Sanji left the Straw hats pirate crew and went for his marriage ceremony at Cake Island in Big Mom territory. By a coincidence he learnt the plot of the Big Mom Pirates to kill the Vinsmoke family during the wedding and told his sister Reiju. During the wedding and when his family fall for the trap he was the one who saved his father, sister and his brothers. Later, his family allied with the Straw hats who invaded the wedding in order to assassinate Big Mom.

Germa 66 Power

Germa 66 helped Straw hats to leave Big Mom territory. Niji carried Sanji along with Luffy back to the Straw hats ship. In the way back to the ship, Niji had secretly slipped Sanji's Raid Suit into Luffy's clothing without Sanji's knowledge. Sanji didn't want to use Germa's power but he decided to use it when they reached the land of Wano to help him hide his identity.

His raid suit gave him a black Germa outfit which is resistant to bullets and a jet-propelled boots which enhanced his speed. Also this suit gave him the ability he always dreamed about which is invisibility. Sanji was willing to give up his ability to swim and eat the devil fruit which gives this power. Now he have this power of invisibility using Germa raid suit.



Vinsmoke Yonji is the fourth son of the quadruple and the youngest of Vinsmoke family. The first time he met the Straw hats he was trying to provoke them into plundering Germa kingdom to get the antidote to cure Luffy who was poisoned. His elder sister Vinsmoke Reiju interfered and kicked him into the sea and saved Luffy's life. When Yonji first get reunited with his brother Sanji he tried to provoke him as well and he was surprised that he was overpowered by Sanji. He thought he could bully him like in the past but instead Sanji had beaten Yonji and damaged his face.


Vinsmoke Yonji has been genetically modified by his father Vinsmoke Judge and he was deprived of empathy and sympathy. Yonji has superhuman power since birth and it was enhanced with training as well. His special ability gave him the name Winch Green. What give him this power is the device he has on his right arm which act as a winch. With this device he can extend his right hand to reach object/people far away from him. He uses this device in his attack Winch Danton where he grab the opponent's head from the back and then swing them around while extending his hand to cause damage to surrounding enemies.

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