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Chimera ant is originally from the Dark Continent. In the Dark Continent you can find huge Chimera ant that is more than 2 Meters long. This creature is very dangerous and can consume multiple times their own weight in a day. It's not strange for the Chimera ant to eat their favorite species to extinction. The Chimera ant has a hierarchy similar to that of a military force and this hierarchy is based on strength, as you move up in that hierarchy you will find stronger Chimera Ants except for the queen who is at the top of the Chimera ants hierarchy along with the king but her strength is not even close to that of the king or his royal guards. The next level in the hierarchy is the Royal guards who move under the King as soon as he is born. Then you will have the squadron leaders who each have officers below them. Then you have Peons and finally Drudges which are the weakest and the lowest rank in the Chimera Ants hierarchy.


Chimera ants are unique when it comes to reproducing and that's what makes it dangerous. The queen reproduce in a unique fashion called "Phagogenesis" which means that if the queen consume a specific species or multiple species then she laid the eggs. the offspring will get features from those consumed species in order to lay these eggs. Each meal gives the Queen the ability to produce five more Chimera Ants. That's the main reason why the Chimera ant will eat their favorite species to extinction which is to get those good traits of that species for the next generation of the Chimera ants.



Meruem is the king of chimera ants. He is ruthless and demand respect from others. whoever dare to disrespect him will face death as a punishment. The moment he was born he killed two of the Chimera Ants squadron leaders and feasted on them. He was the first and the only Chimera Ant that have eaten another Chimera ant. Once he was born, all the royal guards moved under him and became his loyal subordinates. They have been so loyal to Meruem to the point they would lay their life for him and willing to be killed by him if it's required. During their duty as his royal guards, all of the guards at one point and for a different reason has been struck by Meruem. The first to be struck was Neferpitou with an attack was meant to kill him. Being able to take that attack and live was something Meruem respected as he used to only respect the strong.

Meruem easily mastered Chess, Shogi, Go, and Gungi and he was able to defeat world champion in each game with ease expect for Gungi that he failed to beat the world champion regardless of how many games he played against her. Komogi is the only player that Meruem wasn't able to defeat but he was very skilled to the point he made Komogi the world champion of Gungi improve at the game in order to keep beating him. Later, Meruem started to care for Komogi and realized there are different types of strength apart from physical strength which was the only type of strength he cared about. At the end of one of their Gungi matches, Meruem asked Komogi about her name and when she responded she asked him in return about his name. This has struck the King very deeply as he does not know his name and even after he consulted with his royal guards he wasn't satisfied that he does not know his own name.

During the fight against Netero, Meruem wasn't willing to fight against him and instead he wanted to exchange words. The only thing that got the King interested to fight against Netero is to find out his own name. During the fight Meruem commanded Netero for his strength and admired him and his efforts that resulted in this demonstration of skill and power. Meruem had a simple plan against Netero which is to keep attacking until he is able to land an attack on Netero who kept defending and attacking Meruem with his 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva. After thousands of hits finally Meruem was able to chop off Netero's leg and then after a while he was able to get his arm as well. Netero activated his Zero Hand but it wasn't able to damage Meruem much and finally The King came to know that his name is Meruem. Though there was one more surprise for Meruem and it was the first time for him to feel fear is when Netero comits a suicide and activated the explosion of Poor Man's Rose which eventually resulted in the death of Meruem along with Shaiapouf and Menthuthuyoupi.


Meruem has been able to use Nen since birth and he had a huge aura and he had the ability to increase that auro whenever he feeds on another Nen user. He obtained an immense amount of auro when he consumed Shaiapouf and Menthuthuyoupi. Meruem is a specialist and he has the following Nen abilities:

  • Aura Synthesis: Whenever Meruem consume a Nen user, his own Nen increase and he can even obtain their Nen abilities and weild it himself.
  • Metamorphosis: This is originally Menthuthuyoupi's ability that Meruem was able to use after consuming Menthuthuyoupi. This ability allowed Meruem to have wings and to fly very fast to cover a distance in five mintues that he would normally need 15 minutes to cover.
  • Rage Blast: This is originally Menthuthuyoupi's ability which allowed Meruem to shoot an aura in the shape of a sphere that would result in a huge and powerful blast.
  • Photon:  This ability was possible only after consuming Shaiapouf. Meruem will use his own En and shoot small particles that would collect information regarding the objects the photons interact with.


Neferpitou's nickname is Pitou and he is the first royal guard to hatch. Pitou is a cat Chimera Ant who loved to play just like a cat would play with it's prey and he enjoy fighting against strong opponents. Pitou extracted information about Nen from the brain of Pokkle and with the knowledge obtained about Nen he performed water deviation to identify the Nen category Rammote belongs to. Shortly after, Pitou sensed the aproching Kite with Gon and Killua, he left to fight against them. With one leap he rached them and chopped Kite's arm. Killua sensed the danger and knocked Gon out and took him away. Not long after, pitou was shown having Kite's head in his lap after defeating him.


Pitou was able to use Nen since birth and he had immense amount of auro that even the arrogante Rammote's dream was shattered at the moment he felt Pitou's Nen. Pitou's Nen falls in the Specialist category and he have the following Nen abilities:

  • Doctor Blythe: Pitou would conjure a doll called Doctor Blythe. As the name implies, this ability is meant for healing and performaing surgical treatments and it's equipped with medical tools. This doll is attached to Pitou's tail with 20 meter reach. When Pitou is using this ability he is unable to use his En. This ability has been used to treat the King after he severed his own arm and also been used to heal Komogi who got struck unintetionally by Zeno's dragon dive attack.
  • Puppeteering: Pitou can attach a puppeteer to his victom which gives him total control over them. One condition for this ability is that the victim should have been operated on by Doctor Blythe. Once Pitou attache this Puppeteer to the victim he can make it talk and even use Nen regardless if the victim is initially capable of using Nen or not.
  • Terpsichora: This ability takes only 0.1 second to activate and get into offensive. Unlike the previous two abilities, this ability is meant to be weild by Pitue for combat. Pitou used this attacke against Netero and also when he died this attack got activated and enabled him to sever Gon's arm.
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Shaiapouf's nickname is Pouf. He is a butterfly-humanoid Chimera Ant and the second royal guard to hatch. Pouf was in charge of sorting and Unification projects. With his ability he put's the 5000 survivors of the sorting into cocoons to produce more Chimera Soldiers. He is also the one who gave the squadron leaders their Nen abilities.

Unifiction Project

This project was intended to create 50,000 soldiers who are capable of using Nen to serve as the king's army. They would be carefully selected and then placed into cocoons created by Pouf ability to hatch as Hybrid Chimera Ants soldier that would then help the King in order to conquer the entire human world.


Pouf is able to use Nen since birth and he had a huge amount of Aura. His Nen falls into Manipulation category and he has the following abilities:

  • Cocoon: By placing one of the Chimera Ants into these Cocoons, Pouf is able to give that Chimera Ant a Nen ability to weild. he used this skill to give Leol, Cheetu, Welfin, and Bloster their Nen ability. Pouf can also use this ability on human to turn them into hybrid Chimera Ants who are able to use Nen. It was intended to use this ability to produce an army of Nen users to serve under the king.
  • Spiritual Message: Pouf is able to analyze about 30 emotinoal pattern and he is able to make decisions based on these information he get from whoever get intouch with his scales. These scales also has hypnotic effect on people who enhale it.
  • Beelzebub: Pouf is able to break his body into multiple smaller clones of himself. he can control the size of the resulting clones and all of his clones are linked telepathically.


Menthuthuyoupi's nickname is Yupi and he is the last royal guard to hatch. He is different from the other two royal guard as he was created from a magical beast which gave him some special abilities he got from the magical beast. Yupi is born with the ability to use Nen and he had immense amount of Aura that has been estimated by Knuckle to be 700,000 Aura units at least.


Yupi is an enhancer and he demonstrated multiple abilities. During his rage, he was able to generate a blast with great destructive power. At fist he wasn't able to control it and he will be rendered vulnerable for few moments after the explosion. Later he learned to control his rage and to control this attack as well to stop and revert back to his normal form before the explosion. Youpi can also alter his body to have wings or to change his body shape. One of the shapes he turns himself into is a Centaurus with a blade in his right arm.

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