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The Zodiacs are an organization consisting of twelve hunters, including the vice-chairman. Zodiac members have codes names based on Chinese zodiac signs and most of them decided to match their code names in appearance. Isaac Netero, who was the late chairman, appointed the original twelve members of the zodiac, while Cheadle Yorkshire, the 14th chairman, appointed the new two members. Counselors for the chairman, the Zodiacs are given missions by the chairman to accomplish. Members of the Zodiacs have high standing within the hunter association, and some of them are double and triple star hunters, but there are no specific requirements for membership. To be a member of the hunters association,
you must be chosen by the association's chairman.

EditIsaac Netero

Isaac Netero

Netero served as the hunter association's 12th chairman. Among the strongest characters in the anime, he is the only one who has fought Maha, the grandfather of Zeno from the Zoldyck family, and survived. When he was 46, he isolated himself in the mountains for training. He began punching ten thousand times a day. The first time he completed the set, it took him 18 hours. However, after he practiced for four years and trained hard, he completed it in less than an hour. The rest of the time was spent praying before Netero returned to the Dojo where he trained in the past to demonstrate his skill. The speed of the punch was astonishing. It has also been said that Netero is the strongest Nen user in the world.

EditPariston Hill

Pariston Hill

Nickname: Rat

License:Triple Star Hunter

Pariston was the vice chairman of the 12th chairman Isaac Netero. After the death of Isaac Netero Pariston became the 13th chairman of the hunter association but he had no interest in becoming the chairman and he immediately resigned and appointed Cheadle Yorkshire as the 14th chairman of the hunter association. Pariston is quite manipulative and one of the smartest characters in the anime. He provoked Ging Freecss by saying his son Gon Freecss might die. When Ging Freecss replied that his son won't die, that was enough for Pariston to know there is a way for Gon to be saved, even though at that time he didn't know how but he trust Ging as his enemy.



Nickname: Rat

Occupation: Blacklist Hunter

Kurapika is a survivor from the Kurta clan that has been massacred by the Phantom Troupe to obtain their rare scarlet eyes. The eyes of the Kurta clan members turn scarlet when they get angry and those eyes was the reason for the attack and wipe out of the entire clan except for Kurapika who got aspired to become a blacklist hunter to have his revenge against the Spider and to collect all the scarlet eyes of his clan. Kurapika participated in the 287th hunter exam where he met his friends: Leorio Paradinight, Killua Zoldyck, and Gon Freecss.

Yorknew City

After becoming a hunter, Kurapika joined Nostrade Family as a bodyguard to step closer into achieving his goal and get back the stolen scarlet eyes of his clan. Nostrade Family was one of the participants in Yorknew City auction. One of the items of the auction was the scarlet eyes and he wanted to obtain that item; However, the auction has been attacked by the Spiders the exact same organization who massacred his entire clan. Kurapika found himself in front of the gang who wiped out his clan and he has successfully kidnapped one of the strongest members called Uvogin. While Kurapika was absent, the other members of the Phantom Troupe has been able to locate and rescue Uvogin and killed Dalzollene the head of the guards of Nostrade Family.

Uvogin escaped but he was seeking revenge against the chain user AKA Kurapika who's name was still unknown to the Troupe Members and they always referred to Kurapika as the chain user. Finally Uvogin was able to find Kurapika by the help of Shalnark. Kurapika on the other hand, he has already anticipated this and was waiting for Uvogin to come after he had ensured the safety of Nostrade Family and the other guards he was working with. Both of them, Kurapika and Uvogin moved into a different location to fight. During the fight, Uvogin admitted being part of the Troupe during the attack on Kurta clan and he showed no remorse. Kurapika was able to defeat Uvogin and tried to torture him to extract information on the other Troupe Member but Uvogin up until his death he never sold out his friends.

Kurapika had devised a plan after the capture of both Killua Zoldyck, and Gon Freecss by the Troupe and successfully was able to kidnap the leader of the spiders Chrollo. Then he contacted the other members and planned the trade to make sure he can get both of his friends back without harm. He also put a condition on Chrollo that if he uses Nen or communicate with any of the Troupe members he would die. The trade of hostages ended without troubles.


Kurapika is a special case when it comes to Nen category. He is Conjurer, but when his eyes turn scarlet his Nen category changes to Specialist. In order to increase his own strength for the purpose of having vengeance against the Spiders he placed a condition on himself and obtained a special strength meant only to be used against the Spiders. If he ever use this strength agaisnt anyone else, he would die. The weapon Kurapika use is a chain that he Conjure with his Nen. This chain is divided into 5 different chains extending from each finger of his right hand. Each chain has it's unique shape and usage.

  • Dowsing Chain: The end of this chain is shaped like a ball. This chain is used in his normal attack and for defense, and he can use this chain to detect if someone is lying.
  • Chain Jail:The end of this chain is shaped like a hook and this chain is only meant to be used against the Spiders. Once the victim is caught with this chain, it will force them into Zetsu and deprive them the ability to use their Nen while they are captured by this chain.
  • Holy Chain:The end of this chain is shaped like a cross and it's meant for healing.
  • Judgment Chain:The end of this chain is shaped like a blade. The purpose of this chain is wrap around the heart of the victim and place a condition on it at which if the victim broke this condition they would die.
  • Steal Chain: The end of this chain is shaped like a syringe. When the victim is attacked with this chain, they will be put into Zetsu while Kurapika will be able to drain their aura and steal one of their Nen abilities. The victim will not be able to use their stolen Nen ability until it's returned to them

Kurapika also has another skill which he can wield when his eyes turns scarlet. The name of this skill is Emperor Time at which he will be able to utilize all categories of Nen to 100%. In this state he was able to heal his fractured arm in seconds.

EditGing Freecss

Ging Freecss


License:Double Star Hunter

Occupation:Ruins Hunter

EditLeorio Paradinight

Leorio Paradinight


License:Rookie hunter

EditMizaistom Nana

Mizaistom Nana


License: Double Star Hunter

Occupation: Crime Hunter



Nickname: Tiger

Occupation:Treasure Hunter



Nickname: Rabbit

Occupation: Paleograph Hunter

EditBotobai Gigante

Botobai Gigante

Nickname: Dragon

License: Triple Star Hunter

Occupation: Terrorist Hunter



Nickname: Snake

Occupation: Poison Hunter

EditSaccho Kobayakawa

Saccho Kobayakawa

Nickname: Horse

License: Double Star Hunter

Occupation: Problem Hunter



Nickname: Sheep

Occupation: Poacher Hunter



Nickname: Monkey

Occupation: Blacklist Hunter



Nickname: Chicken

Occupation: Botanical Hunter

EditCheadle Yorkshire

Cheadle Yorkshire

Nickname: Dog

License: Triple Star Hunter

Occupation: Disease Hunter

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